Date: 17th July 2010 at 6:22pm
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Right now we have several clubs fighting for their very existence. A lot of the problems they face have been self induced.

Clubs spending too much money on players and wages. New Stadia or improved facilities have also been involved in the bringing to the knees of so many clubs.

In recent years we have had Rotherham and Bournemouth docked 17 points for their failure to remain stable and affluent.

Southampton built a stadium and then had a most important player injured. He was not replaced well enough and we end up in trouble, docked 10 points and dropping two divisions.

Crystal Palace have just managed to survive after a lot of last minute negotiations. Many were waiting for them to fold and disappear for ever.

Luton were punished for monetary irregularities and were awarded the largest ever point deduction meaning relegation to the Conference.

Many other clubs have faced money problems and usually it has come from the greater cost of competing against a drop of income.

There are many arguments that can be used to lay the blame on someone for overspending. The temptation to push just that little bit more for the pot of gold grows yearly.

Why you ask should chairman be tempted to spend money they don’t have. As a Saints fan I feel that I am lucky.

A year ago we were in trouble for overspending, in theory. I prefer to say we were pushed over the edge because our then chairman failed to replace a player we depended on.

When we got relegated from the Premier League we suddenly hit the skids. The drop in money allied to the loss of a couple of players and the high premiership wages left us in a mess.

A mess which we nearly failed to survive. I know others will give a different picture but at the end of the day life is all about opinions.

What can we do to help other clubs? What should we demand? Should we be able to demand a larger cut from the wealth being shared so unfairly?

I don’t know all the answers but one thing is for certain. We could end up losing a lot of clubs very soon unless something is done and done soon.

In Italy there was a major blow dealt to 21 clubs this week. Serie B side Ancona and 20 other sides from the Italian lower leagues have been barred from competing next season.

The Italian Federation issued a statement explaining the decision. They said that after the country’s football finance watchdog deemed the club’s balance sheets too precarious the decision had to be made.

Serie B side Ancona plus 20 sides from the Lega Pro have been told that they will not be readmitted to their various championships. This is after the consideration of Covisoc’s findings.

Like all other leagues the Italians have been hit by the credit crunch. The global economic crisis had already seen 15 other semi-pro clubs relegated a league because of their money problems.

The leagues in our country will soon see more and more clubs heading down a similar route if the excessive amounts of money paid to the top teams is not shared with smaller clubs more fairly.

I would like to see the Premier League say that they will cut the prize for being relegated to a much lower total. I would also like to see the money shared amomg the top tier teams reduced, to be shared equally among the rest of the leagues.

Pie in the Sky wishes but wishes for someone somewhere to realise just what is happening to our game. When supporters of clubs that have tried say they don’t want to return to the top tier because of the shenanigans it is time to take note.

I hope that it is understood that these ore the views of the writer and not the official views of Vitalsouthampton.

Though to be frank. I do believe our current chairman could offer some realistic targets in the bid to save our game.


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  • Being a Miller I know all about teams having no money. Waiting and wondering if you are going to have a club to support is no fun. We have one chairman and one consortium who have left us in a mess – the chairman was definitely punching above his weight while the consortium took on a lot more than they realised.

  • I pray that this does not end up as it has in Italy. The lower rated teams are where the majority of big name players get their start.

  • Fantastic article SFC, you’ve really pulled out the stops with this one and some important questions asked. RE: your comment about relegation parachute payments, a team finishing at the very bottom of the Premier league gets 48 million as a ‘reward’ for doing so badly… personally there are 2 ways we can go ahead, either force owners to be responsible and make profits (or at least cut even in a recession and not lose huge amounts), and then therefore take away the huge transfer fee’s that push smaller teams to fail in competing, or the FA does a deal with SKY which means EVERYONE gets equal showtime… if SKY say no… just pull the plug (simple). SKY would soon be willing to renegotiate.

  • Thank you all. I may be getting on in years but my love for the game has not diminished. I have even gone along with most of the changes as they have been made. But looking at the number of teams in trouble is very worrying.

  • The more I dug while looking for things to write about the more it became obvious how bad this game of ours is suffering. Clubs like Barcelona are in financial need, hence their massive loan this last week. The Italians as well and mostly because they are all trying to keep up with clubs earning millions from tv coverage.

  • I wish sometimes that my suggestions were recognised as mine. As a fan I am but an individual. As a member of this site a member of something slightly bigger. It is frustrating somehow to be seen and not heard. So again i say thank you. Not for writing this stuff but for agreeing with my interpretation of it. So yes i am past my spring chix years but I am still young enough to know what it feels like to be loved. Just as I hope we can still love this game in the years to come.

  • Stellarn – Part of me is getting sick of all the business that surrounds football, to the point that football in a few years altogether could be a whole different ball game. If we move to the NFL style of franchising and putting ticket prices up to the max, I would probably walk away from football altogether… wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more smaller clubs go down over the year and the monopoly grow. What’s even more worrying is that the top 4 (the monopoly) itself is facing financial ruin…. My apologies for not recognising your ideas by the way, you are a great contributor and your help in ideas for articles has been much appreciated.

  • SFC you have made some pretty damning statements but it does look as though you took your time with this. Must say I had to check your statement on the 21 teams blocked from plaing. It really brings home the power of the camera for me. TV has a lot to answer to if you ask me.

  • Thanks but those 21 were not the only ones with problems. The big difference I think must lie in the more severe rules and regulations.

  • There has always been those that have and those that have not. It is now more alarming as the gap widens almost daily. The poorest clubs are growing ever more poorer while the fat cats are now unable to squeeze through the door.

  • The problem is that the lower clubs going out of business is actually beneficial to the top 4, because although the dedicated support probably either turn to the nearest lower club (I would have watched Eastleigh if Saint’s went out of business as they are the local team), but there would be a section who would just support one of the top 4.

  • That might have been the case once but now I can see people laying the blame for their clubs demise fully at their door.

  • Sorry but I am not sure that that was clear enough. I meant that fans would blame the money grabbing big boys for the demise of any small clubs and that might stop people going to them as an alternative.

  • I can see your point ghg but would they hold a grudge big enough to go against the big boys? If they did could they simply turn their backs on the game? More fans gone west.

  • My main worry is hat our game goes the same way as it looks as though the Italian game is. We have the resourses that can save our smaller clubs and rules have to be changed to safeguard our teams for as long as things remain the same.

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