Date: 24th September 2018 at 7:14am
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Following Southampton’s most recent defeat to Liverpool at the weekend at Anfield, a number of Southampton fans haven’t just run out of patience with serially underperforming players, manager Mark Hughes is now a target for the ire.

Having come in last season and played his part in helping us to turn our form around enough to avoid relegation, Southampton still face the same old issues both in attack and defence and with only one Premier League win to our name in the season of 2018/19 so far, fans are already naturally getting itchy feet once again.

We just haven’t kicked on how we would’ve hoped and Hughes’ insistence on sticking with certain players, irrespective of their actual form and performances, is definitely not helping matters.

Whilst the above reactions may at the moment, be in the moment, given frustrations, if our form doesn’t turn quickly and significantly those calls will grow and the atmosphere will dip further on the back on that.


2 Replies to “A Familiar Call From Southampton Fans Returns – “This Was Inevitable””

  • If Mark Hughes had been given job after Koeman there would have been ructions. Two points after three winable home games says it all. After the Watford game away last season I asked for Reed and Krueger to go. Same old same old. By christmas we will be looking for a new manager. Its not a bad squad but for the second year running poor tactics. Even a Pellegrino team were able to keep the opposition out.

    • After some steps forward we definitely seemed to have taken a giant one back. I’m still stuck on what Bednarek has done wrong.

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