Date: 26th January 2007 at 8:40am
Written by:

FORMER head of sports science Simon Clifford is the latest person to give his opinion on Gareth Bale.

Clifford spoke of the first time he met Gareth and promptly gave him a rollocking.

He told the Echo: ‘I went to the first pitch on the left as you drive into Staplewood and the first year academy scholars were there with Georges Prost.

‘While I was watching a few balls came my way and I kicked them back.

‘After a while another ball came my way with a kid running after it. I kicked it back and he collected it and ran off.

‘It was Gareth Bale.

‘I shouted out oi! If someone does something nice for you, then thank them! Learn some ******** manners!’

‘I don’t think he liked me for a while after that. You could see he had a cockiness about him, an arrogance, an edge.

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13 Replies to “Bale! Learn some f@{*#*# manners!”

  • Grow up you fkwits is this the SO forum? Interesting stuff I can see why you are so well supported. Fools. Your lucky that we are gonna loan him back to you. Maybe GB had been told by his parents not to talk to strange men, lest we not forget he is stil;l; a pup. Soon to be a man a white hart lane like wonder boy lennon.

  • And being such a foul mouthed individual yourself you are hardly the man to be teaching anyone about manners are we?

  • Why is it that Spurs fans are so full of **** ??? As a club they always try to live with the big clubs buying up youngsters and splashing out big money but in reality they are just a normal club who never win anything. Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd always put out reserves and youth players in the League cup and they can’t even win that. Get real you sad muppets – you are nothing more than a media favourite because its easy for them to get to your ground from work. If Bale does go to play for you its only a stop off on the way to a BIG club who actually win things – 37,000 gates is not a big club and just how many times have you played in the Champions league ????

  • Fabregas, Hleb, Eboue, Bapstista yeah all inexperienced youth players. Their combined value would raise enough cash to buy you minute (No the time increment) club outright – but then who would want to do that. CL is a problem I agree, however we do have a record number of wins in all european competitions that arsenal and chelsea are envious of. Out of overr 104 games played we have 58 wins 19 losses and 27 draws. So with a 37,000 capacity are you saying taht we are a small club and all teams with 37,000 seater are small? Unless you are completely stupid and ill informed do you not remember how big Highbury was before they knocked it down? we also have serious seating problems at our own ground specifically because we have20,000 fans on our season ticket waiting list which is why we are considering buying wembly you *****. Get a life – just remember How many times have you lot won the FA cup, or the the top tier division, or cup winners cup (old champions league) WHo was the first side to do a Eurpean double? And that my friend is all I have time for at this installment. Oh one last thing, if Bale is juyst gonna sit and wait for a REAL Club to buy him off of us why have all our other very promising youngsters like lennon, dawson, huddlestone, signed deals until 2011? You don’t know what you are talking about GladFach

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day so they say – our team will come of age I can assure you, its tough when you are still in all cup competitions and also playing the toughest league in the world week in week out. I actually hope that you lot get promoted this season because I would love to take 6 points off you ctuns before watching you go the same way as watford.

    And Arsenal were a small club til they got a 60,000 seater stadium? You people? Even as a spud as you put it, I can tell you that Arsenal are the second biggest club in the country and stadiums have nothing to do with it? Good arguement.

  • Bullers.. shut the hell up… Being a football fan is not about winning all the time, and people that think it is a pretty much like yourself a **** tw*t. Grow up will you please. Have you nothing better to do then randomly insult people for no aparent reason. You are ever a very immature little w****r or a dodgy old bloke with nothing better to do. GROW UP and Get a job!

  • I think i do know what a BIG team is. Its one that gets BIG support and wins things – you do neither. For your information i have a season ticket at Monchengladbach where we regularly get 53,000 sell outs – Dortmund get gates of 70,000 +. Support makes you big – money makes people think they are big. Arsenal cannot be compared with Spurs because they are successful – you are not and never will be. As for taking 6 points off us if we come up – even if you did you wouldn’t make the Champions League. Stop living in the past you **** muppet.

  • ***** off your not having him. would prefer to see him at utd than spurs, not sure why though tbh. i think i have an innate hatred of spurs, whereas i see united as a club who go about things the right way with a top manager who would be good for bale. having said that, i’ll be annoyed if he leaves before the summer.

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