Date: 16th January 2008 at 3:26pm
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Saints today have accepted the approach from the SFA for Burley.

Leon Crouch said it was a ‘reluctant decision’ and Burley commented: ‘I am very happy at St.Mary’s’ to the saints offical website.

This move looks like it could work out for all 3 parties, Burley could get to take charge of his national team, The SFA would have a manager they rated and Southampton get money and a chance to move on to a new era, as the Burley era seems to be heading nowhere.

More to follow!


7 Replies to “Burley aloud to speak to SFA”

  • I never understand these decisions. Your man Crouch says he was “reluctant”, Burley is reportadly happy ….. so why not tell the SFA to sod off??!!??

  • Probably because Crouch isn’t reluctant but quietly delighted and Burley isn’t happy at all – but it “suits their chops” to put a front on for the media.

  • Suits everybody if he went to Scotland with GB out of contract at the end of the season. He won’t get the Scotland job.

  • TV reports today suggest that Burley is the SFA’s preferred candidate and the Scotland job, should Burley want it, is very much in the bag.

  • Would be an ideal replascement for Scotland since Macliesh departure, but will he want to take the job?

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