Date: 25th March 2010 at 5:36pm
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Being a football fan can sometimes bring the greatest highs. Sometimes the opposite but usually it is the players that cause most of these feelings.

Lately though it is not the sublime skill shown by a Ronaldo or Rooney that has set our tongues wagging and pulses rising. Nor is it the really horrible mistakes made by the likes of David James that have set our tongues wagging.

No it is the horror show we are seeing week after week being performed by our referees. Players commit offenses and get away with more and more often. Somewhere someone will finally get seriously maimed and why? Why won’t the authorities clamp down on these transgressors.

I am a Southampton football club supporter. This makes me (supposedly) a fanatical anti Pompey fan who will laugh and enjoy their discomfort. Well guess what, there are fans all over the country who will have been appalled by the incidents seen recently on the field of play in matches where the blues have been playing.

Steven Gerrard a couple of games ago was involved in an act of brutal cowardise. He blatantly elbowed a Pompey player in the face in a cold calculating way and could have done some damage to that player.

So after watching another Pompey game last night, I have this feeling that a question asked after the Gerrard incident, needs asking again.

Last night Pompey played another of the so called big four teams, Chelsea. Chelsea played at Fratton Park and we saw another horror show where this time the attacks caused injuries.

First we had an arial attack where Florent Malouda blatantly went for Ricardo Rocha. Any other explanation for the way he jumoped into Rocha with his eyes on his target and elbow cocked is fanciful wishy washy rubbish.

Two whole minutes later we sae Danial Sturridge elbow Tommy Smith in the face. Again after being shown the incident from different angles one has to believe that this was another deliberate act.

Rocha had a suspected fractured cheekbone and is likely to be out for the rest of the season. Tommy Smith has had his nose broken and lost a lot of blood.

Malouda was given a yellow card for his cowardly attack and Sturridge was not even booked. Yet a player in other games will be sent of for a tackle from behind when no damage is done.

How the Authorities allow these things to happen scot free is beyond me. Someone somewhere has to stop these acts of brutal cowardice. These players have to be taken to rask and have to be punished.

When a player is injured in a genuine tackle I don’t have a problem with it. Even if a little bit late. Where a player is injured in a blatant act of violence then the aggressor should be banned at least until the injured party is able once more to play.


12 Replies to “Can We Shoot The Referee?”

  • Okay but aren’t us Saints fans s’posed to hate the other lot? I find this article a bit strong but agree wholeheartedly with most of it. Well said and maybe if enough people were to raise issue with the appropriate people something would get done.

  • Good stuff SFC Forever. You have to cover football stories and slant them how you see fit. I was there last night and Chelsea were so wound up having to win to keep thier hopes alive that they did not care how they did it.

    Malouda on Rocha was a definite Red and Sturridge was borderline but most would have sent him off. That and the foul on O’Hara and it would have been 0-0 at Half time with Chelski down to nine men.

    Funny old game football.

  • After listening to the reports on Sky I decided to watch it last night and was horrified. I hope they get what they deserve but I very much doubt it.

  • I have to say thank you for bringing up such a topic. Referees have been doing very badly of late and someone should be doing something to help the situation.

  • It looks like the assailants are going to get away again scot free. It is not fair on the teams that don’t go out to hurt others.

  • I see that the football league are doing nothing yet again. The miserable doddering old cretins are not worth the space they use but they still have the power to do absolutely nothing. No balls any of them.

  • I would just like to wish SFC forever the best for the future and hope that he gets the site up and running successfully for the saints fans. This is the site for you and run by you. A soft spot for the saints who were the team promoted along with Manchester City many years ago and I hope that you can get back into the premier. good luck SFC forever.

  • Thank you Buzz and yes I remember that well. Seen your site a couple of times and like what I have seen.

  • Before my time as a red n white really. Have watched them for years but it is only in the last ten where I have really got the bug.

  • There has been the odd moment when I wish we could do something about the referees. Maybe we should refuse to play but then we would be penalised I suppose, so maybe not. The referee has to be made accountable and if we are ever going to improve the system we must use the new technology.

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