Date: 11th April 2010 at 10:11am
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Yesterday Chelsea brutally swept aside a Villa side that played in the spirit of the game. The win means that Chelsea still have the double as a possibility. For Villa it means two sad trips to Wembley that ended up with them losing.

Martin O’Niell must be wishing that he had never played under brian Clough. His sides play with the same predominantly clean style of football. Villa have this season seen their dreams destroyed by teams that play a much more physical game.

As an onlooker who simply likes to see good football whoever is playing I am sad to say that this was another game that was decided mainly by the referee. Howard Webb who is supposedly one of our better officials was found wanting yet again.

15 minutes in and Villa were attacking when Agbonlahor brilliantly turned Obi in the box only to be bundled over for a stonewall, cast iron, certain penalty. That is to everybody in the stadium except for the blind official in charge of the game.

Villa did not lose their cool and continued to dictate to Chelsea, going close when a Terry flick kept Carew from getting a giltedged chance. Half-time arrived and the talk was all about the penalty that was not given.

The second half saw chances dry up as Chelsea played more in midfield. When the first goal finally came it came after a bit of good work from Drogba and even better from Dunne as he conceded a corner.

The corner came in and a basic error from Dunne undid all of his good work. Instead of heading the ball up and away he headed it down. The ball reached Terry whose shot was turned in by Drogba.

Villa might have been able to get back into the game but another horrendous error by the referee ensured Chelsea remained carefree. milner was savagely brought down with a violent lunge from John Terry. As a bystander I was simply relieved to see Milner eventually climb back to his feet.

The tackle was severe enough to have been career threatening. If James Milner had had his weight on the leg Terry hit with his studs up lunge just below the side of Milner’s knee, it could have been end of career.

This time Howard (I see no evil when it is from the big 4) Webb did actually see the incident. Terry was given a yellow card for the savage over the top tackle that came from the side in another case of a cowardly attack.

There was never any doubt after that who would win. The Villa lads kept trying but they appeared to sense that nothing would allow them to spoil Chelsea’s day. Two more goals were scored by Chelsea but by then any fair minded football supporter had been sickened by the failure of the referee.

Nobody will ever know whether the penalty claim in the first half would have resulted in a Villa win. Nor whether Terry getting his just deserts would have helped Villa get back into the game. But one thing is damn sure.

A hell of a lot of young children watching Chelsea and John Terry specifically get away with yet another act of brutality is not good for the game. Especially when we have had two Wembley games now and both were ruined by an incompetent referee.

The children are being told that it is ok to tackle in a way that might finish a players career. All you have to do is play for one of the big teams and you have a good chance of getting away with it. More so when you play a soft team like Aston Villa who try to play in the way the game was intended to be played.


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  • Thank you for this article. I was beginning to have this nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I was turning into a moaner but we were robbed weren’t we? It isn’t just Villa supporters who could see the injustice of not just the game yesterday, but the Carling Cup final where Vidic should have been sent off!

    If we have to sacrifice our principles to become a top four side, I’d rather finish fifth!

  • Yeah, thank you for the article. One day we’ll get some kind of genetically enhanced uber ref who has some testes and the power to overcome the top4’s mind controlling aura. Or just a random bloke off the street, who’d do a better job. Up the villa

  • this article shows that someone who spends their time watching league 1/2 football hasnt got a clue about football. take of your claret tinted glasses and see that agbonlahor pulled mikels shirt first so therefore it should have been a chelsea free kick. secondly did you not see that terry got the ball and the ball was bouncing in the air so obviously he had to go in high. chelsea were the better team and 3-0 proves it!! learn something about football before commenting on it please

  • you are no expert are you john122. Terry went in on Milner in a way that could be classed as reckless and dangerous. You have a team of thugs as has been seen over and over again. So either pipe down or at least be honest.

  • John122 Do you really think that a knee high tackle that crashes into a players standing leg with all studs showing is legal? Terry did not in anyway shape or form touch that ball, it was a a tackle that had the INTENT to cause serious injury to a fellow profesional and England player who will be going to the world cup with Terry.
    Terry always has been allowed to get away with this sort of tackele, why I do not know. If anyother defender had commited the same tackle they would have seen a straight red. End of.

  • john122 since when does a savage attack from a thug change whether you watch it in a lower league or at the top level? Terry should have been sent off. As I have said there is no guarantee that that would have altered the result of the game. It would simply have been the correct response to the incident.

  • One thing which I think kept him on the pitch was the way Villa players reacted to the tackle. If that had happened to a Chelsea player the whole team would have surrounded the ref baying for blood. The top 4 have got so used to being there they will go to any lengths to remain.

  • rdunbar100 – ‘Terry did not in anyway shape or form touch that ball’…um did you not see the tackle? you can argue that it was high but to argue that he didnt touch the ball is just stupid. firstly does anyone not agree that agbonlahor pulled mikels shirt and therefore it should have been a chelsea free kick? secondly if the ball is bouncing high, how are you meant to tackle without showing your studs? it was just sour grapes from o’neil because his team tired after 60 minutes again and only manages 1 shot on target in 90 minutes

  • john122 you are so sad. You are so blinkered it is untrue. Terry is not the only player Chelsea have had get away with violent conduct this season. Let us hope that he doesn’t do something similar at the world cup because he will believe he is being picked on when he gets his marching orders.

  • I know that some teams keep claiming that they suffer at refs hands bt wuhen you see it on tv it has to be real. Villa I am sad for you. You were hreat but maybe next time you will have a ref that is not afraid to do his job.

  • Okay, let’s look at the penalty incident. Gabby had hold of Mikel’s shirt. Did the ref blow up for a free kick? No. Mikel then scythes Gabby down, denying him a goalscoring opportunity. Did he give a penalty? No. Therefore, from a neutral’s point of view the ref got the decision wrong on two counts. However, looking at the view he had of the incident, he could be forgiven for not seeing the shirt pull, but to not see the penalty? Unforgiveable. Anyway, john122, even the adulerous thug admitted that it was a penalty in an interview after the game so it seems you’re out there on your own as the only person who’s right!

  • John122 you are right, Terry did get a touch on the ball but that isn’t enough nowadays. If a player goes in with an over the top studs raised challenge whether he gets the ball or not is a bookable offence. The Stoke player that broke Aaron Ramseys leg recently did exactlty the same thing but Ramsey was less lucky than Milner. learn the rules or are you a Abramovic era fan who knew nothing about the game beofre? It was a straight red and a penalty. If that tw*t Webb saw the shirt pulling by Gabby first he should have whistled for a Chelski free kick. He bottled it. Even Ray Wilkins said it was a penalty at half time. Know why everyone hates the Sky 4? Because of this perceived divine right to have every decision go your way. Quicker the rules from UEFA come in to play about financial control comes into play the better… Hope Pompy do what we failed to, i.e. get a decent ref at the very least!

  • Now the question should be whether the 4th official should be allowed to use the tv monitors to help our referee and linesmen. The time it would take is minimal and a ref could be seen to get the right result more often which has to be a bonus. Added to that is the fact that thugs like Terry would have to stop their assaults or be banned for longer and longer periods of time.

    For me it is a win, win situation.

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