Date: 10th April 2015 at 9:18pm
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Goalkeeper Kelvin Davis has warned that despite their position in the table, Hull City this weekend will certainly be no walkovers.

Building on manager Ronald Koeman’s words about their being no easy games in the league and playing sides near the bottom of the table not being any easier because of the way they fight for their Premier League lives, Davis explained in his own interview with saintsfc that we’d have to be at our best because they will be looking for three points themselves.

‘If anyone from the dressing room, the supporters or those in or around the club believes we`re going to turn up and walk all over them, it`s not going to happen. That`s our aim, obviously, and that`s what we work for. The manager is very diligent in his preparation for the game, and we will be very, very well-prepared but I`m sure that Hull will be doing their best to have a plan against us.’

Davis goes on to say that with it being a home game, we have more than set our standards on our pitch and we have to look to live up to them once more, but Hull will have done their own homework on the side and they will be confident that they can cause us an upset but we know that.

‘Hull City will absolutely not be a walkover. We know the challenge that we`re going to face. We`ve seen before that, when teams get in that position, they can throw out a performance that turns leagues upside down – not just in our division but all divisions. We know that they`ve got players who can produce those kinds of performances and those little bits of magic that can turn a game, so we need to make sure that we use our players and our strengths and that we don`t give them anything to take home.’

With the Everton defeat in our last game, the club skipper was also quick to say that the players hadn’t let it get the too down because we had done well of late again and you have to deal with ups and downs during a campaign.

‘It wasn`t the best game of football I`ve ever played in, that`s for sure. I think that after an international break, it`s always tough for the lads who`ve been here, there and everywhere to put in a high-level performance. Before we went into the game, we`d have certainly taken a boring win, but it turned out that everything we managed to do wasn`t enough. It was disappointing but not the sort of performance that didn`t warrant anything – we were unlucky not to come away with a point – but that`s the Premier League.’

With Davis becoming the oldest goalkeeper to represent the club in the Premier League when he started the game against Everton last weekend, he also said closing in one 300 club appearances obviously means a lot to him, but there are more important things this season than getting the five he needs to hit that milestone.

‘Whatever I achieve, I achieve, but I`m just looking at the next game. I know it`s a cliché but it makes total sense at this stage. It`s about staying fit, keeping contributing for the boys and, if that milestone comes, it comes. It`s something that, probably at the end of your career, you`d look back on but, until I am there, I`ve got nothing to celebrate. I don`t like to put too much weight on it and too much emphasis on it because, if I get to that stage and we go and get turned over, I won`t come off the pitch happy.’

Davis goes on to say it’s about him contributing when he can more than anything and he certainly can’t take the position for granted with Fraser Forster being out because we have Paulo Gazzaniga and Cody Cropper who would gladly line up in front of him.

‘You try to take each game as it comes and you don`t take anything for granted. We`ve got two goalkeepers as well as myself at the club who are fit and ready to go in Paulo and Cody, so I don`t sit there thinking I`ve got a divine right to start and play. I try to train hard, work hard and stay focused on my job and doing well for the team and club.’

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