Date: 30th July 2010 at 10:06am
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As much as I have respect for Bournemouth and their achievements over the last year or so, it has become increasingly apparent that the success has gone to their head. At first it was the fans but now even the clubs chairman has got in on the act.

Eddie Mitchell, the Bournemouth chairman was interviewed by the Bournemouth Echo a few weeks ago and made some startling statements, most notably that the Cherries can become the top club on the south coast and branding us as ‘stagnant`.

From the Bournemouth echo interview:

`I think it shows just how far we have come. We have come from death`s door to the heart beating very fast. Southampton have remained stagnant.“

I`m not going to criticise the achievements of Bournemouth last year, but it seems that this chairman has had a little bit too much executive champagne, that and possessing a selective memory, because if I remember correctly Bournemouth have never been anything else BUT stagnant.

Being the 4th richest club in the country, the only club to not have sponsors, spending more than championship and premiership clubs, narrowly missing out on promotion and having one of the best set ups in the country, a 5 year plan and the leagues best squad as well. That is somehow stagnant.

Let`s look at Bournemouth then, for many years they were going no where and they still haven`t gone anywhere to be completely frank. Ok so they`ve gone back up to league 1, but to start talking about being the top team on the south coast? And then making comments about us like that?

Mr Mitchell needs to look in the mirror and realise that the only stagnant club on the south coast is Bournemouth.

He even forgets Brighton, now I know that they are not really considered a part of the rivalry (though nor are the Cherries), but with a new stadium on the way, top form last year and owners who seem to care, I would be more worried about their goings on than that of Bournemouth.

Eddie Mitchell also said – “I think they will have an uphill battle.”

It will be a tough season just like last year, but perhaps he should be concentrating on his own clubs upcoming season instead of making comments about us, considering his side will have their own uphill battle to stay in league 1.

He went on to say – “As much as people believe, it`s not all about money. It might be in the top flight and there is no getting away from it that money helps.“

It`s not all about the money that`s for sure, I mean look at QPR. But money has helped turn our side from a team of youth teamers to a squad that could hold its own in the championship. That`s a very lucrative concept in the lower leagues.

Bournemouth on the other hand? They have had to rely on the FANS to pay up £30,000 to sign a new left back, of course the millionaire property developer Mitchell wouldn`t spend that sort of money?

The difference in quality and the fact that we are promotion favourites, whilst they are down there in the relegation mires in the bookies eyes is perhaps a testament to what money can do.

He also stated – “But there are other contributory factors to success and they are hard work, determination and belief. We have got those in abundance. That`s why I think we will do really well this season, compared with some of the clubs that have got a lot more money to spend.“

Just because we have money we don`t have the determination and belief? It`s the sort of comment you would get from a club who know that they can`t compete financially, what if we also have determination and hard work? Which I would like to believe we do.

‘` Mitchell added: “I know we will be underdogs when we play Saints but it`s only the size of their stadium that dictates that. We will have nothing to lose and I would like to think we would come out on top.“

So we are the favourites due to the size of our stadium? I think the reason they are the underdogs is perhaps the fact that we have a squad of top players in this division, the stadium size doesn`t decide who the title contenders are, the squad does.

I guess he was right about one thing though, Portsmouth aren`t going anywhere anytime soon, though even they have a better set up than the one at Dean Court and will still be ahead of the Cherries for some time.

So Before Eddie Mitchell starts calling us a stagnant team, he should remember that we have done more in one year under the management of Nicola and Pardew than Bournemouth have in the last decade, we have a plan to win promotion to the Premier league and are building the foundations of a top football club.

So if anyone is stagnant on the south coast, it`s Bournemouth and their backward deluded chairman.


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  • I agree that some of the things that he is reported as saying makes it seem that he has gone off half-cocked. It could be as you say that he is just trying to stoke up a rivalry. His dismissal of the other clubs down here Like Brighton and even Plymouth must seem like a very odd and perhaps arrogant manner of behaviour. They are after all south coast clubs as well and both could have a big say in what occurs overall this season. Pompey have already replied on the field of play winning there this week.

  • These aren’t things he is reported as saying, these are things he has said in an official interview, they couldn’t publish something if he didn’t actually say it.

  • this is true as even that rag has to be careful. Only thing is that the paper has not printed the questions that he has answered or has it?

  • See, we do questions and answers so that our interviewees have their replies taken in respect to the questions.

  • Such a shame you have to continually publish these sensationalist articles to gain attention. If you believe Bournemouth fans have allowed success to go to our heads then it is actually you who is deluded.

  • I don’t think that any of our fans actually believe what he said. In the last few seasons we have made great strides both on and off the pitch and the fans appreciate what he has done.

    Don’t forget to put the spotlight on your own fans though. Last season I read comments in your own local rag from fans criticising both Pompey and us for having financial problems and living above our means. They seem to forget that you were days from going out of business if you hadn’t found a sugar daddy. That is not a put down on you and I wish that we could find someone who has and endless supply of cash to pay off our debts and put us on an even keel.

    The long and the short of it is this. After decades we are in the same league as one of our local rivals. We haven’t gone up to your level but you have come down to ours. Over the years we have endured put downs and patronising comments from you, so now we can direct some towards you. Sorry if it is irritating but you know how we have felt over the years.

  • Souithampton supporters coming on Bournemouth forums spelling out how they’re so not bothered, articles like this stamping little feet and squealing how big they are and how not bothered they are……..

  • I think you were missing the point on the ‘size of the stadium’ quote… My interpretation of this was that both Saints and AFCB are in the same league on merit, regardless of whether you like to think of yourselves as a higher divvie side… you’re not… You are a league 1 side… As are we… and with that fact there is little if anything that should separate us… end of….

    Just ask Leeds, Forest, Sheff Weds… how hard it is to get out of this league…

    I don’t think, if you asked, you would get many complaints from AFCB fans that you are better supported financially, but as you quoted in your own article RE QPR… unless you prove it on the field… money means nothing… It’s all about spirit, which lil ole AFCB has in abundance.

  • DJ, maybe if your chairman didn’t make so many outlandish statements we wouldn’t have to answer them.

  • stag·nant (stgnnt)
    1. Not moving or flowing; motionless.
    2. Foul or stale from standing: stagnant ponds.
    3. Showing little or no sign of activity or advancement; not developing or progressing; inactive

    Bournemouth avoided relegation while weighed down with a ten point deduction – not the players of fans fault – and with a tiny squad. Then they achieved promotion with the same squad made up of non leaguers, kids, the elderly, etc and under a transfer embargo.

    That’s hardly “…Showing little or no sign of activity or advancement…”

    Meanwhile since 2005 Saints have been on a slide, also faced administration and points deductions, until last season when they stopped the rot and missed the play offs.

    Now, if as the reporter claims, Bournemouth are stagnant, then Southampton are equally stagnant… if not more so with bigger attendances and more money to spend to get out trouble

    The truth is Southampton are not a big club.

    They never were, always the minnows struggling in the big league. But like Notts Forest, Leeds, Sheff Wed, etc some of their fans behave like Big Time Charlies when the league tables tell a very different tale.

    Get a grip

  • 3231brianw i have no problem with any of you having a dig because we have fallen to your level as you put it. In fact I wish more banter could take place. I imagine there will be lots at St Mary’s next month when our clubs meet. Goodness knows what we will get if we were to come unstuck against you. I have an inkling that a few comments would arrive on here and definitely on yours. I pop over frequently to your site and where possible make a few comments. I try to be honest with all of my posts and hope that as we get used to this network and grow more of the banter can continue. So no it is not irritating to me as I can see past the comments and can appreciate what you have written.

  • to say that we are ‘stagnant’ NOW is something of an ignorant statement, and to say that he believes that Bournemouth will overtake us and Portsmouth is suggesting that we are currently stagnant… we are going places and Bournemouth are not. You want to criticise us for writing articles when your chairman is going out and making outlandish statements?

  • What a sad little site this is, publishing such OTT articles. If you want to grow as a site and get more contributors, do what we at Vitals AFCB have done and work with the club; sponsorship, support initiatives, get comment from club officials and players etc, rather than just publishing bizarre articles that make you lot sound pathetic.

    As for Mitchell?s comments, we’re in the same division as yourselves and Brighton, and although with your resources you should be well above us it doesn’t always work like that. Pompey who with their problems will probably end up down here soon. So all us south coast clubs are currently much-of-a-muchness so it’s not actually that out-landish a suggestion at the present time. If you want to discredit the suggestion, get yourselves promoted. Until that time, accept that you’re on our level.

  • DJ the sensationalism originated in the Echo article. We may beg to differ with several points as is our right. I think in reality that most of us believe we, like you, have turned the corner. I also believe that with a bigger ground you could not only maintain your status but like us look forward to battling for the higher reaches. [Edited by SFC Forever] [Edited by SFC Forever]

  • Red army comrade, you’re beginning to make a habit of writing pointless comments attacking AFC Bournemouth supporters, just for the reaction. Regardless of the comments Mitchell has said, why the need to criticise the supporters?

  • Northstandmark I have now stopped saying ouch. Whilst a lot of what you say can be said about some of our fans, there are a lot more who feel that we are where we deserve to be right at this moment in time. Notwithstanding that fact your chairman has probably said these things for a reason. Not just to upset us and Brighton etc, or the blues down the road. If he was asked how he wants things to go he hardly likely to say that you will be relegated and will return to administration now would he. His aims are good and as long as you control your spending, I can see you doing well this season. Especially if you can keep your manager. When your site says how well you will be doing I can understand. As you say saying is not doing and as you say about us so we can return to you. I will wait with interest to see what is said after the game.

  • Hey guys, it does not really matter what we say, does it? What matters is what happens on the field of play. So chill. It is only a game of football after all not life and death.

  • Ha ha ha… how long before Red Army Commander starts doing a Brando in On the Waterfront? “We used to be contenders blah blah blah…” You’re a joker mate, Mitchell wound you up good and proper and now your whining like a little girl. Even your own fans think you sound foolish for being sucked in, just give it a rest.

  • Oh dear oh dear. afcb lost in brum you seem to be the one who is getting wound up You are the one throwing your toys out of the pram. If you have something sensible to say such as how you will beat us then do so, but why start hurling personal insults? Are you that insecure? 🙂

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