Date: 13th March 2018 at 6:20pm
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We all know where Southampton find themselves this season, we are once again manager-less following the sacking of Mauricio Pellegrino and we sit one point ahead of both Crystal Palace and Stoke City, remaining out of the dropzone by the skin of our teeth.

How we got here is irrelevant really. A lack of patience and loyalty from Nicola Cortese saw just as many agree with the Nigel Adkins decision as disagree with the passage of time – well certainly once Mauricio Pochettino got his feet under the table and started to show what he was capable of before he legged it to White Hart Lane.

And then managerial appointments continued going wrong for various reasons.

Mr Ronald ‘Honour Your Contract’ Koeman soon jumped ship to Everton (I wonder if he regrets it now?), Claude Puel just didn’t seem to fit and although feeling was strong about a second year hindsight is wonderful and everyone would take 8th place now.

Unfortunately, the sort of finish he’s shown himself capable of at Leicester.

Then Mauricio Pellegrino who despite seeming to be a great bloke has struggled for a long time and has never managed to get our attack to click with his more cautious style, not even Manolo Gabbiadini who impressed many last season.

So now we’ve done with Pellegrino with only eight games remaining in the season the only line of sensible thought is we have somebody lined up ready for a quick appointment over the international break.

So my point here, we need somebody proven, steady and not somebody who has shown he will just up sticks when it suits – albeit all managers do that at some point I guess.

In any event Robbie Savage has been singing the praise of Mark Hughes, believing he should be given the chance to manage the club until at least the end of the season and be given a shot to earn the right to take us forward next campaign.

Both are Welshmen and Savage did play under Hughes at both international level and at Blackburn, but he is jobless at the moment following his four years coming to an end at Stoke back in January and I don’t see what we have to lose, but with potentially plenty to gain.

‘You might think I’m mad but with eight games to go and looking at men who are out of work – it’s Mark Hughes. He has never been relegated as a Premier League manager.’

Having watched Savage play and tweet – I’m not going disagree with any sentiment that quote expresses, but Hughes does have a Southampton history although it wasn’t great in a goalscoring sense.

Those with experience would know better about that spell!

With a record of five managers in five years, Hughes is worth a shot isn’t he?

Marco Silva, formerly of Watford, is said to be one of our options but he seems set for a return to Portugal for a spell with Benfica – I wouldn’t be against him either.

From the reactions to the Mirror’s John Cross tweet, I’m guessing I’m on my own.

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10 Replies to “I Hate To Agree With Robbie Savage…But!”

  • You might well be right. If Mark takes a short term deal with possible extention then I would be happy enough with that.

  • You don’t want hughes he did reasonably well at stoke with a team of true professionals put together by pulis , but after two years began to unravel his predecessors work. week after week the players were unfit. Our deffence couldnt keep a simple line together, Marc Wilson even left the club due to us not practicing defending in training. He spent £50 million on 3 of our worst ever signings. True he has never been relegated but it was his work which crumbled qpr and his work that has undone stoke. The man jumps ship just befor it goes down. And from a fans perspective the man is a nightmare. Pig ignorant and immune to learning from failure… the sad thing is I’m repeating words said to us by qpr fans 4 years ago .

  • I thought I was alone in that thought KRAZYB.

    Joel, looking from the outside I’d say that was harsh…but I would from the outside. It seemed Hughes was trying to move Stoke away from a kick and rush side that the fans wanted but couldn’t quite manage it quick enough with your annual dips. Will accept though you seem to have a very imbalanced squad. Seems a type of manager who is probably good for finding a grounding and stability but given his four odd years with you, building from there is maybe an issue? But God knows we need some stability.

  • Yes we need stability but seems we don’t have our players head hunted now. Our best two managers of recent times were both taken against our wishes. I would like to see a list of names for us fans to consider and maybe we could have a few surprise ones on it.

  • With form this year it would take people off the immediate radar and it’d be no bad thing for Southampton to have a summer where the word ‘exodus’ isn’t thrown about, problem is that’s exactly what will happen if we drop.

  • Yes but even if we stay up I can see the likes of Bertrand and Gabbiadini leaving. All the money that has been collected by player sales, TV, and Premier League payments leaves me worrying more every year as to how much the owners look upon us as a cash cow

  • I’d agree there, but two players isn’t an ‘exodus’ for me after the last few seasons, it’s normal rotation. Bertrand would be a loss but we’ve had a good fill in when he’s been missing and sadly Gabbs has gone right off the boil, but I’d rather he stayed with a more attack minded manager to get the best out of him again.

    ps – cheers for contribution, will get posted for tomorrow – always welcome!

  • I have watched a few games this year when Gabbs has played and he makes some really great runs only for our super skilled attacking midfield to keep passing sideways or backwards. I could add Matt Targett to our player exodus as well and possibly Sam McQueen both fully capable of performing for us on our left.

  • I’d like to think both of them would stay looking at others who jumped ship in previous years and then suddenly found themselves largely on the bench. But yes Gabbs needs a sharper midfield with his style of play, so if the likes of JWP and Davis for differing reasons stopped playing so safe that should increase chances, and with each goal he’d only grow in confidence. And that’s key as he’s wasted chances he used to put away blindfolded.

  • Agreed but Pell messed our strikers about so much they would be unsure when there next game would be.

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