Date: 6th April 2014 at 8:52pm
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Striker Rickie Lambert has said that one of the most disappointing things about the controversial decision to not give David Silva as offside in the game against Manchester City was he believes that we were right in the game until that moment.

Of course having gone behind to the offside goal, there can be plenty of arguments as to whether the team responded correctly to begin with and refocused enough on the game and not blaming the linesman given they went on to add a third goal seconds later.

But you can somewhat forgive Lambert, and Pochettino really, for ignoring that until tempers had calmed.

Speaking to saintsfc following the game, Lambert said of the decision.

‘It’s a disgrace of a decision I’ve got to say. You can understand two or three yards but five or six? It’s unbelievable. I’ve got no words for it – it’s absolutely killed us going into half time because 1-1 at this stadium gives everyone a lift.’

Lambert goes on to echo the manager’s thoughts in terms of us being on top in the first half, despite going a goal behind to begin with, but Lambert acknowledges even though we were the better team we didn’t really do enough with the ball or test their goalkeeper nearly as much as we should’ve done, and he certainly wasn’t going to predict the future and claim that had we gone in at half time on level terms that we would’ve gone on to win the game as nobody knows that, all he knows is it’s a massive task to try and come out in the second half when you are behind three one.

What disappoints Lambert most is he knows that people will look at the score line and just think that it’s another romping victory by City, but he certainly doesn’t feel that a belief of that nature represents the game fairly or our performance.

He also acknowledges that it could’ve been worse, but he credits the team for how they responded again in the second half because they ‘kept their head and kept fighting’ and many teams would’ve gone under but they didn’t, and that is a positive albeit not one many will take to heart to begin with.

Of course with the injury to Jay Rodriguez overshadowing things, Lambert also added that in many ways having seen their colleague go down like that, it was part of the inspiration for the team to really step up a gear and get ourselves back on level terms in the first period.

‘I’m gutted. Jay’s been superb for us, he’s on fire at the minute and he’s been on fire all season. From seeing his face and hearing him, we knew that it was bad. It’s horrible. After the injury Jack Cork went round and said we’ll do it for Jay, and we tried to put in a performance for him. I think we did that, so it’s a shame that we took nothing away from it.’

Of course not knowing the severity of the injury at the moment, first thoughts are again that it’s potentially a very bad one, and Lambert admits he has no idea what’s in Jay’s head (at that stage) so everyone will just keep their fingers crossed that it’s one of those that looked a lot worse than it actually is.

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