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The trend of using living creatures to predict how a team will finish is almost at an end.

Talksport have a supercomputer predicting the final league places for sides this year.

Guess who goes down?!

And if you can’t guess, then read on.

With 23 games gone in the 2015-16 Premier League campaign there have been some surprises both of the good and the bad variety – although admittedly that probably depends on which side of the fence you sit.

Chelsea’s form has been welcomed by most, but not by Jose Mourinho who now spends his weekend’s trying to sneak into grounds Pink Panther stylie to work out what went wrong. The form of Leicester City and their apparent inability to know when they are beaten and their sheer cheek at smiling down on everybody else from top spot even has the experts slowly preparing to eat a bit of humble pie having believed Aston Villa had more chance of escaping relegation than Leicester had of staying at the top.

Just like the December update, they continue to sit a few points clear waving at those below them who look confused.

Then of course there’s everybody – including known Manchester United biased pundits – and now Louis van Gaal himself – talking about how boring they are to watch – but they are staying in the mix in fifth place.

Steady Arsenal were joint top, they are now joint second but Arsene Wenger still hasn’t see it.

It’s not the only story of the opening 23 games though.

So called smaller clubs continue to pick up results, West Ham in sixth, Southampton, Stoke, Watford and Crystal Palace taking eight to eleven.

And all the promoted clubs fairing better than more established Premier League sides.

Maybe the gap isn’t as big as people think anymore?

Anyway, Stats’ supercomputer has crunched the algorithm to determine expected points based on what we’ve seen so far and given the final positions.

January Predictions:

Arsenal – 75pts – 45.3% Champions
Man City – 74pts – 42.3% Champions

Tottenham – 68pts – 71.4% Top Four/5.6% Champions
Leicester – 67pts – 61.3% Top Four/4.4% Champions
Man United – 65pts – 48% Top Four/2.3 Champions

Liverpool – 61pts – 16.9% Top Four
Chelsea – 57pts – 3.3% Top Four
West Ham – 56pts – 2.1% Top Four

Southampton – 53pts – Safe
Stoke – 52pts – Safe
Everton – 51pts Safe
Crystal Palace – 50pts – Safe
Watford – 37pts – Safe

WBA – 44pts – 7.2% Relegation
Swansea – 42pts – 10.6% Relegation
Bournemouth – 39pts – 29.2% Relegation
Newcastle – 38 pts – 37% Relegation
Norwich – 38pts – 41.3% Relegation
Sunderland – 33pts – 74.7% Relegation
Aston Villa – 28pts – 99% Relegation

December Predictions:

Arsenal – 77pts – 44.6% Champions
Man City – 76pts – 37.9% Champions
Man United – 72 pts – 96.4% Top Four (15.4% Champions)
Tottenham – 64pts – 40.3% Top Four (0.5% Champions)
Liverpool – 64pts – 36.7% Top Four (1.4% Champions)
Leicester – 61pts – 18% Top Four (0.2% Champions)
Chelsea – 59pts – 12.9% Top Four (0% chance of Relegation)
Everton – 55pts – 3% Top Four
Crystal Palace – 53pts – 1.2% Top Four
Southampton – 51pts – 0.7% Top Four
West Ham – 51pts – 0.6% Top Four
Stoke – 50pts – Safe
Watford – 44pts – 4.5% Relegation
WBA – 44pts – 5.3% Relegation
Swansea – 41pts – 17.4% Relegation
Newcastle – 41pts – 18% Relegation
Bournemouth – 37pts – 40.8% Relegation
Norwich – 35pts – 54% Relegation
Sunderland – 33pts – 71.9% Relegation
Aston Villa – 29pts – 86.9% Relegation

November Predictions:
7 – Southampton – 56 pts – 3.6% Top Four

Even with this being the January update, and past the half way point in the season, plenty would no doubt argue with those final positions as there are plenty of games left to play and points to fight for.

Despite the apparent closure of the gap – the final predicted table continues to twist to what many would’ve expected at the start of the year, but that’s not overly surprising as it’s beginning to reflect the real table now – short of those known exceptions.

Another month down though and the season remains refreshing for a whole variety of reasons as clubs continually tipped to crash and burn – as well as those thought to have already found their feet – continue to provide the opposite.

Southampton’s current run of form in recent games has hit the predicted table hard for the December edition. Slipping from a seventh place finish in November, down to midtable and tenth, but with an upturn in form later in January we see the improvement of a place in the predicted table and a 9th spot this time.

The previous dip in form hit us hard, but if three wins on the spin can continue or at least remain unbeaten, we might edge back towards that November 7th place.

With Charlie Austin hitting the ground running following his arrival, he could be invaluable in that as well.

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