Date: 18th January 2013 at 12:10pm
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Nigel took us from the lower regions of Division One to 15th in the Premier League.

He will always be a Saints Legend to me and dare I say it, to many of our fans.

I am totally gutted.I have no idea what Cortese is thinking. Worse we have replaced hin with a man that is getting his first managerial role in this country according to the Beeb.

Thank you for a great bus-ride Nigel. Good luck for the future.

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23 Replies to “Nigel Adkins Sacked”

  • unbelievable, he was doing a good job, nice style of play, got some great results recently, had dragged you slightly away from the drop zone, great draws v Chelsea and Arsenal, win v us (Villa)… What the hell did your board expect this season? Hope you all protest against your board for that decision.

  • From an Argyle fan – of all the surprise sackings this one is mind boggling – absolutely shocking. He would have kept you up easy and now you have a new guy for the important part of the season. Awful.

  • Unbelievable. Our season was just starting to turn around and Cortese does this? I’m not sure I have the words to describe how I feel tight at this moment

  • Pompey fan here guys.. Gotta say this is a shocking decision I honestly thought that it would be Atkins that kept you in the Prem this season .. With him gone I fear for you. .. Your board must be nutters IMO .. Best of luck… think you may really need it now !

  • Absolute disgrace, we Villa and Saints fans have been having some good posts this last week and I feel for Nigel and all those that care about Southampton FC. I think all the clubs fighting at the foot of the table will be inspired by this and I fear your season could really go down hill. Unbeaten in the last five, fantastic draws against some of best clubs in the div and a win against us. Just madness. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the seasen and I suppose time will tell if this is the right decision.

  • This ranks almost as highly in stupidity as Newcastles sacking of Chris Hughton.
    Was always to be a tough fight this season. Yet Adkins was doing a fine job and moving a small club very much in the right direction.
    So a foreign manager devoid of premier league experience is the way forward?????
    Seems your chaiman favours the Chelski approach. Well with out intending disrespect and dispite last weeks draw there, where is the comparison? The blues resourses are far superiour.

    Is unbelievable!!!!
    Good luck saints with the rest of the season. Yet if this fool hardy stratagy fails the buck stops well and truely at the boardroom door. No prizes for guessing the next head that will have to roll.

  • I am in total shock. Unbelievable but maybe Nicola knows something. Nigel was an improvement on Alan and if Mauricio is another improvement we will end up smiling.

  • There have been some odd decisions like this over the past few years, Di Matteo, Del Bosque, Chris Hughton, but for me this in a relative sense – is the most ridiculous of the lot. In terms of actual achievement getting Saints from 19th in League 1 to 15th in the prem in less than 3 years is every bit as impressive as Del Bosque wining the CL with the Galaticos. Ridiculous!

  • What a joke. Id have him at Wigan when Roberto finally leaves us for a bigger club. You just about clicked and looked like you were playing really well recently. Some board members just dont have a clue. Kind of hope it goes balls up to teach them a lesson!

  • Cherries fan in peace. Can’t believe you just said goodbye to your most successful manager of recent times. You had just started to get to grips with one of the toughest leagues in the world. Hope the success continues but also that some common sense prevails…

  • Really is just another case of fans being shown by the board two fingers imo this, Adkins had earned his way up to the top and his chance really feel sorry for him tbh, Saints are a good team of late play some real nice stuff hope this is not going to come back to bite you good luck Saints!

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