Date: 15th July 2010 at 7:04pm
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You would think that the Blue few would count themselves lucky, £140 million + debt, relegation from the Premier League, and the small addition of administration.

Not sure what`s so lucky about that? Perhaps the fact that Portsmouth have somehow not only remained afloat but kept together a strong squad, not to mention managed to remain in existence should be considered the luckiest of escapes.

But for Pompey fans they see this as ‘victimisation`. So let’s` look at just what they think is so victimising towards their club.

HMRC`s appeal against administration –

The most recent of actions by the HMRC against Pompey, it seems to me that the blue few have dismissed the idea that it is indeed a legal requirement to pay tax, and that the idea of their club being punished for this is wrong?

They seem to think that 20p in every pound is a wholly acceptable offer and that HMRC should therefore accept it with a thunderous applause. I for one would like to know why they believe a multi million pound business should avoid paying tax, whilst playing in the highest division in English football.

Why is that acceptable? That a football club playing in the highest tier of English football, making the money that they were making should avoid a national law, whilst we ‘normal` people must pay our tax bills in full? What would the revenue say if you were to just phone them up and say ‘how does 20% sound for you?`

Football clubs pay tax just like any other business, and those who fail to pay those taxes face the legal consequences. The very fact that Chester City football club went bust over a tax bill which was less than 0.1% of the money owed by Pompey?

That is not victimisation that`s evading justice.

Entering administration and incurring a 9pt deduction –

The second action put against the football club that for some reason is not fair on them according to the blue few.

I think they will find that it is very much fair, Leeds United, Leicester city, ourselves, Bournemouth, Luton, Rotherham and every other club that has ever entered administration, has had points deducted. It`s the law of the game.

And yet the skates still see this as unfair treatment on their ‘do good` community club?

Maybe they should be thankful that the Premier League were kind enough to give them the deduction this year rather than carry it on into the championship, this is clearly victimisation of course.

The fact that they would be relegated anyway and therefore the deduction has had no effect is of course ignored.

Not only did they have every reason to lose those points, they lost them in the most redundant way possible, can someone explain how the Premier League is still victimising them?

Portsmouth fans need to face some reality, something they have failed to do over the last 18 months or so, perhaps what`s worse is that this ‘were victims of a conspiracy` opinion from the blinded blue half has started to affect those outside they`re little bubble. The media and even some of our own fans have started to talk about how Portsmouth have been treated so badly.

So if you are ever tempted by this victim opinion put out by the fans of Portsmouth, just remember the small businesses who will lose out, just remember the football clubs who are no longer with us who have just failed to compete, remember the fact that they`re points deductions have done nothing compared to the punishments faced by so many honest clubs.

And to any Portsmouth fans out there –

If you think that your club are victims then think again, it is your club that built up this debt, not the Premier League and not the HMRC, and it is time many of you gained the humility and courage to admit that this mess is your fault.

Your club are not blameless at all in this, and be thankful that you even have a club because some people have lost theirs.


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  • Their club took a massive gamble when in the Prem. and it collapsed like a pack of cards.
    How they got themselves into such a pickle I just don’t know, surely any accountant would ring the alarm bells …….
    I don’t like to see any club suffer (we went through the mill a few seasons ago) but they do appear to have self inflicted wounds here.

  • It would be an absolute travesty if this immoral and indefensible behaviour was not punished in the same way as every other club. The FL rules state that if a club has not come out of administration through an agreed CVA by the start of the season that they will be docked points. 17 to be exact. Just ask Bournemouth, Luton, and to an extent, Leeds UTD.

    You do the crime, you take the punishment that comes with it. Simple

  • Ouch. That is straight to the point and direct. I still think that the fans as always get the rough end of the stick in the same way as we did. We have been througbuck should be laid at the owners doors and people like Storrie and Redknap.h the wringer and squeezed dry so I can see where you are coming from. I still feel sorry for most of their fans as they will be hurting but for the club the

  • I think you’ll find many Pompey fans accepted the points last season as the rules – likewise many believe we will get them this season too and ‘true’ fans will accept it. In accepting it, we don’t have to like it – fans of all clubs receiving these deductions will moan in the same way that some of our fans have.

    The true fans would be just as happy to start a new club, devoid of the crooks and money-grabbers that have destroyed our club. If we started in the lower reaches, we would still support them, it is part of what being a supporter is. Pompey fans want their club back as much as any other fan wants theirs too – AA can moan all he wants, but he doesn’t speak for us.

    As far as victimization goes, the HMRC will probably use Pompey as a test case to get image rights from every club (backdated for years too I imagine). In this regard, as there hasn’t been an official tax for oversees players, the fans can contest the treatment of HMRC as being unfair. If this is where the real battleground is, then surely Pompey will be fighting on behalf of every club.

    Pompey has been poorly run, the fans do accept the penalties, but this action by HMRC all but guarantees us relegation. So be it, we’ll just have to wait another year to rebuild – it really is out of our hands, we just have to support our team.

  • Talk about putting the boot in….
    I think you’ll find most Pompey fans will admit that what happened was wrong. Unfortunately it was the unscrupulous previous regime who were using our club as a vessel for their (note the correct spelling) wrongdoings. I think that had the fans been fully apprised of what was going on we would have demanded that all legal obligations were being met. However we were kept completely in the dark. The shady characters are all long gone, well apart from one which we are cetainly not happy about, but we as the fans have been left with the mess and the real possibility that our club could cease to exist as we know it. It’s not “Portsmouth City Football Club” who have been treated unfairly – it’s the fans.

    Now what else was I going to say? Oh yeah…… 4-1 in your own backyard.

  • USPF i have to say thank you for your reasoned reply.
    I know as a fan of a club just how much it hurts when things like this happen. The people responsible for wasting such vast amounts of money are the people that should really be held to task. That though we all know is unlikely to ever happen. I know a few Pompey fans who live in the countryside near me and we have had a few discussions over first ours and then your moment of despair.
    Last year we were rescued when we could fall no more. I think you are still falling and harsh as it may seem I do believe that once you have reached rock bottom your club will survive. Like us you may drop further but you will be able to go to FP and watch a game knowing that at last the club is yours once more.

  • Most pompey fans feel that we are the ones suffering for the complete incompetance and corruption by non-football people which has destroyed our club. I think the people responsible (who are now long gone) should be punished not the club!

  • Same old, same old, been dragging on for over a year now, I think you will find us fans “bleating” over the fact there is no light at the end of the tunnel, our club was badly run, not our fault, our club has been stripped to the bones, not our fault, we have been left with no legacy of the over spending (beside the debt) at least your lot got a ground out of your period of free spending, what we are griping about is the fact we are stuck in limbo for another couple of months, another transfer window will pass with only the out door open, not a lot to be cheery about is it?

  • moley2 it always has been the fan that suffers. In the same way as all the fans before you in the same mess. A fan can’t walk away but he/she has to stay to try help support whatever is left.
    That is the way it has always been and only today you will see an article on here about our chairman arguing the case for better distribution of the Multi-millions now coming into the game, but only going to those allowed by the big boys.

  • Apart from clubs being badly run, I think alot of blame can be put on the TV companies (Sky) to mention no names! I know you can argue that if your receiving all this money you need to manage it properly, but it has also had a massive knock on effect to any team outside of the Premier league. It has also attracted alot of less than respectable figures into ownership who’s usual business is nothing to do with football, just to make some quick cash. We now know longer just have football anymore as all the top players have their lives splashed all over the papers. I don’t want to know how they spend their millions or who they’ve cheated on, I just want to watch FOOTBALL!

  • More clubs have gone to the wall since the great increase in money coming into the game. That has to tell these idiots at the top that something is wrong but it doesn’t. It even looks as though our pride and joy is not the number one league in the world any more. I have said before and will repeat that it is time to reclaim our game but individuals have no power.

  • Very true SFC. The trouble is we all want to watch football which makes a boycot hard to do. If fans didn’t turn up and no merchandise was bought then theirs no way any club could survive. I think they have it right in Spain in which the fans own 51% of the clubs (May not be the same in all clubs, but I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere). If this was the case in England then atleast we would have the chance to safeguard our clubs from fly-by-night owners and corrupt business men who have absolutely no interest in football whatsoever.

  • Moley – I understand what your saying completely, its the fault of the owners who were running the club rather than the actual people who paid for merchandise and match tickets, but the same applies to every single football club that has ever entered admin, its never the fans ‘actual’ fault. But despite that fact, every football club has indeed still faced those punishments and got on with it. Why is it so difficult for Pompey fans to accept that it is justice (however difficult and painful that may be).

    Pompeysloth – you say the fans are being treated unfairly, personally I believe you are very lucky, with the situation you are in any other business would have folded some time ago (before our match even), and this article is aimed at that ‘its unfair’ claim, because at the end of the day its a miracle that you have escaped after breaking so many rules.
    Paultsmouth – a ground out of our free spending? we went down simply because of bad planning, we built a stadium instead of spending heavily on players whilst having a small stadium, but we made business decisions too. Difference is we had some sort of business plan, your owners clearly didn’t have the slightest clue.
    To clear one final thing up, I don’t ‘Hate’ Portsmouth F.C. or its fans who the majority are decent people, but this claim that everyone is against them? perhaps some Pompey fans should see what clubs in leagues 1 and 2 go through for decades at a time.
    Regards, Red army comrade – Vital Southampton editor and author of this article

  • I actually believe that us fans are sometimes the most vulnerable and gullible people I know. Win, lose or draw we go to a game ready sing and dance as we cheer on the millionaires we have playing for us. All they do if your club gets into trouble is, Change clubs. We all have the few who hate everybody, why because my shirt isn’t the same colour. Fans suffer and we do it year after year after year. That is why we grab for the glory when it happens because we know it won’t last forever.
    The moneymen know that they have a captive audience so to speak and take advantage.

  • As usual stain your article is ill thought out, HMRC are not interested in Portsmouth per se; they are after football in general. You also miss glaring some glaring points: HMRC gave not proved they are in a position of having 25% more of the debt, HMRC
    don’t like the football creditors first rule. As for your 20p in the pound comment the average settlement is 15p and palace settled on 1p.
    The fact is they want to use Portsmouth as a case to prove clubs like scum who
    couldn’t break even shouldn’t exist.

  • Russelm – if they are hunting down football in general by targeting a ‘Premiership’ side, or formerly in your case over football clubs having little respect for the taxman, that is good for football… Premiership clubs have spent well beyond they’re means in recent years, hell you guys spent over 100 million on players and winning trophies like the FA cup, getting into Europe all with a 20,000 seater stadium, if HMRC are going after football and making an example of an overspending top flight club in the process? perhaps that will wake up the others?
    We made mistakes and ‘got away with it’, difference is that we failed through getting a stadium, one that we needed to sustain the future of the club and ironically was one of the key reasons we are around today. But I never remember feeling like a victim, because the rules were the rules and my club had broken them.
    Rules are rules, you were a top flight club who were part of the rotten scoundrels.

  • LOL, I as a fan feel cheated because I have no control of how the club I support is run. I know we should be punished for how the club has been run but still feel the wrong people are being punished which has happened at many other clubs. There needs to be a strict checking system by the leagues which does not allow overspending beyond the clubs means. Until this is done I’m sure Portsmouth will not be the last club to go through the s**t that we’re going through now!

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