Date: 28th July 2010 at 3:30pm
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It has become increasingly apparent that there is a growing amount of apprehension from a section of fans regarding pre-season, with a draw against Sutton and losses in Switzerland some are already preparing to hit the panic button, but why?

Ok, drawing against Isthmian division teams sounds quite worrying from the off, these are teams with players who are accountants and plumbers during the week.

Losing in Switzerland sounds less daunting, lets remember FC Thun were playing in top European competitions not long ago and FC Sochaux are a strong side who have done well in the French division over the last few years.

We looked ok against Barnet, a few mistakes but the team seemed solid enough, certainly no major reasons to start running round like a headless chicken or calling for a big money signing.

Though come to think about it, why are we worrying about pre-season anyway?

There are some fans that have criticised the results against Farnborough and Sutton, as if these results are some sort of inclination of how we will play during the season, which is definitely not the case.

If it was the case, then I would be running down to the bookies to place Sheffield United as favourites to go down, considering they lost 4-0 to Barnet last week.

And since when has pre-season ever been the decider of a clubs season? I`ve seen teams sail through pre-season with a 100% record and then have a relatively poor season campaign, and vice versa.

So to those who are getting anxious about results – just remember that these games are like playing football down the local park, there is always someone who is really crap at football who somehow scores a fantastic volley.

The only thing we should be worrying about with these pre-season friendlies is injuries, or travelling on the London underground during rush hour and being crushed by some overweight accountant, who just so happens to try and read the London Evening standard on a bloody train.


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  • Being able to read the standard on a train is an art that only those fortunate not to use the underground can’t appreciate. By doing such a thing you are both upsetting other passengers and giving yourself more room. . . . . . . . As for the pre-season there is a lot of good to come out of the game last night. Again we played with youngsters in important positions and they did themselves no harm at all in the great scheme of things.

  • I lived in London and only used the tube when 100% essential. The mrs is claustraphobic and stifling when hot. That said the games would be harder to reach without it. I agree that the Games are not as important as same seem to feel. The last two are the ones that will mean most to us. Injuries are in this weather always a concern with hard grounds making a fall far more painful.

  • Stellarnw – my experiences summed up exactly, the fact that people still try and squeeze onto the train at each station when its already full pushing everyone together, I could barely move and yet some overweight banker thought it was necessary to read the newspaper at that exact time… and then you get people who try and eat whilst in this environment!!! I appreciate the fact that its better than other transport options in London but the air conditioning is basically circulates hot air and the smell of burger king! oh and the football was good 😀

  • At the end of the day it is what happens against Plymouth that really counts. Pre-season is for getting the players to a level of fitness whereby the players can perform. No more and no less except that a manager may try out a few alternative selections to see how they go.

  • SFC, Carter had a good game, solid in the centre of midfield and had an eye for a good pass.

  • ghg – totally agreed, too much emphasis is being put on results in these pre-season matches

  • I don’t watch pre-season games, home or away. I like to come to the competitive season fresh. New players, new tactics and a new impetus…hopefully. Friendlies are for coaching staff and players and I like to leave it to them to experiment and get things right before the paying customers like me reap the benefit of their pre-season labours.
    Don’t panic…I’ll be alright when there are points at stake.

  • I aint hitting no panic button, but i am a little worried of the prospect of Bournemouth being the top club on the South Coast, LMFAO

  • SFC-AMG you have a very wicked, or is it warped, sense of humour. :-). . . . . To be fair until I have seen them I have no idea how hey will do this season. I do have an idea how we will do and if they end up tog dog they would definitely need to finish top. They can’t do that because we will do that ourselves.

  • AMG’s just picking up on what’s been published on vital Bournemouth :D, their chairman saying that Bournemouth can become the top club on the south coast! and that they will be ”bigger than Southampton and Portsmouth” – I guess you can’t fault their ambition but they are some bold statements for a team not proven in this league.

  • Fine so does that mean they are buying a new ground then? Their ground won’t help them get any higher than they are now.

  • I agree it is all mouth. I think they are countaing their chickens and they don’t yet have any eggs.

  • Well wonder what he is saying now that they failed to beat the little team they played tonight. In their view that is not necessarily mine. Though we will soon be bigger and better placed to look down on them all with some good results this season.

  • Hope we don’t start counting our chickens too soon. Can we win a few games before we start crowing.

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