Date: 18th May 2018 at 9:21am
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After another disappointing season for Southampton with fans again not looking up the table and instead staring bleakly down at the relegation places for large parts of the year, thankfully a Championship return didn’t come to pass as manager Mark Hughes narrowly got us over the safety line by three points.

With eyes turning to the season of 2018/19 with some hope restored for the campaign ahead, fans were clearly hoping that their patience with the club would be rewarded on a financial front with a reduction in season ticket prices for the year ahead.

Not an entirely unreasonable request or thought, Southampton have secured new investment in recent times, securing Premier League safety means we don’t miss out on that financial cash cow and in terms of transfer fees I’ll simply say Virgil van Dijk.

A 5% or 10% cut for long-standing season ticket holders would not have crippled our ability to compete. The club should certainly be applauded for freezing prices as that does send a message of its own, but they’ve missed a trick in not going a little bit further and that hasn’t been lost on fans.

With the season ticket package giving discounts, supporters were quick to point out that still requires an extra spend so in reality, it’s not saving – Southampton are far from alone when it comes to that trick though in modern day football.


5 Replies to “Price Freeze Is Not Music To Southampton Fans Ears”

  • Totally agree. Thought a 10% reduction was the least the club could do for supporters. £107m for a bad season and still rip off the fans is not a good start. We don’t even know who we’ll be watching or who will be the Manager!

  • price freeze ? reduction yes, 4 watching months of below par football ???, the prices will b ok on 2 conditions Mark Hughs stays and LES got no idea REED GOES

  • All about the money these days sadly. Price freeze on match day prices, then even 5% cut for renewing season ticket holders would’ve sent a better message.

  • From what Krueger has said it looks like Reed will be staying. If they begin putting things right then ok , otherwise the club will lose a lot of support.

    • Ohhh I can reply from admin with a shiny badge – I’d forgotten about that. If mistakes are learnt from that’s one thing but I doubt there’s the patience for more of the same given the social media I’ve seen that I couldn’t possibly repeat on here.

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