Date: 10th April 2006 at 2:36pm
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Saints made their first and probably last visit to the Championship’s most dilapidated stadium on Saturday, as they faced south coast neighbours Brighton in front of a record crowd at The Withdean.

The heavily sanded pitch and unusual surroundings didn’t prove to be as troublesome as could be expected, as Saints dominated the match from the start.

Brighton could not contain Saints excellent passing game as Burley’s team played their way out of the relegation battle.

Saints had plenty of chances to take the lead early on, firstly from Belmadi, who should have scored after Henderson had spilt a Ricardo Fuller shot.

Saints width was stretching Brighton’s defence and Darren Powell, Gregorsz Rasiak and Claus Lundekvam all came close with headers.

The breakthrough finally came on 37 minutes, when Ricardo Fuller pounced on another spilt shot from Henderson to score his third goal in two games.

In the second half Brighton began to launch more desperate balls forward, as they searched for the goal they required to keep their slim survival chances alive.

With just over an hour gone Saints killed off any chance of a Brighton comeback, and possibly ended their stay in England’s second tier, when Belmadi broke down the right and cut it back for Richard Chaplow to finish in the bottom left corner.

The result leaves Brighton rock bottom and Saints virtually safe; were now looking to avoid our worst finish in the league since 1960.

Even if Saints don’t pick up another point this season Crewe can now only equal Saints points total but have a far inferior goal difference.


17 Replies to “Saints Play Way to Safety”

  • yes because brighton are such a quality side to beat lol im sorrry nut if that is like a good win for us im afraid for the future of this club

  • You really are the most pessamistic negative saints fan there is arent you we8burley. just go support man united or something. Even when we win your not happy, even your name is a dig at our manager…your a total whinger.

  • excuse me i support my local team so you can get lost who dare you i am entitled to my views of our manager. even harry redknapp had done a better job
    and as for pessamistic its called reality m8 and don;t forget it.
    and why would i support man u there a bunch of arses lol
    my view of a win is that yeh sure im happy we won but not to get to happy over it we are still in a fight for the best position we can get!!

  • burley has turned other clubs around, he has done really well up untill he took over at saints, he`ll get there eventually!

  • Do you really believe that vertigo, or are you just looking for something to say?

    Burley won’t get anywhere with scumhampton, vcos its only a seat warmer until Sir clive gets his way.

  • ” vertigo tals rubbish- he posts for the sake of it- check every site he has post after post-lol”

  • your season ended well but it wasnt good by your standards. I thought you would bounce straight back

  • Oh well Saints won’t be playing Brighton next season, and we won’t be playing Saints….PUP.

  • Here’s hoping that Bournemouth get up and join you next season. They deserve some better football.

  • excpected you to bounce right back up, but now think you will be down there for a few years to come, as Im sure you will keep selling,any talented player you get, and spend nothing on replacing them. O well good luck with neaxt year!

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