Date: 7th April 2010 at 7:58am
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A year ago Southampton were in a deep, deep worrying pile of trouble. We escaped thanks to Nicola Cortese and his boss Markus Liebherr. The club is now on an even keel and has set sail heading back towards the best league in the land.

Portsmouth have had some very painful headlines printed about the club since it started going pear shaped. To make matters worse the people allowed to take over have consistently failed to produce the promised funds.

Now Portsmouth appear to have a consortium prepared to take on their holed ship and lead it to a safe harbour. A Mr Rob Lloyd, who fronts the consortium, met 19 fans of the club prior to agreeing to go into due diligence.
Fans who represent various supporters groups.

Little as of yet is known about his backers but it is to be hoped that they have sufficient funds for a complete overhall of this sinking ship.

Questions abound and one of the biggest from yesterday has to be whether the consortium has enough funds. After his interview on Sky I immediately thought of the long suffering blues fans.

Is his interest in getting local business on board a genuine feeling for the fans or is it an attempt to secure some money to help the new owner/s if indeed he/she/they are hoping for a little help?

Personally, as a football fan who has seen his club survive similar trauma it would be nice to see our closest rivals safe and sound. Our rivalry has gotten a bit strong in some quarters but overall most fans enjoy a rivalry that doesn’t get played enough.

Rob Lloyd comes across as a genuine man and that is what I and the rest of us real fans hope Portsmouth FC have heading their way.


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  • Thank you Scum Chum…
    I am a Hampshire man first of all( BAsingstoke -Andover devide) and sent trelations good luck messages when you were last at the FA Cup Final, and wished you well in the Tin of Paint visit theotherweek….and hoped and was pleased when you found a buyer..all of this is true…but I jumped for joy when you were relegated, Laughed my socks of when we whoopped in the last two games…and rightly so.. and you will be cheering on the spuds this weekend..and rightly so…but …like Ive said to many folks..down here in Pasy land..who wrongly believe have a ” Low-cal Deaerby” with us both…I hate the scum..but I don’t want to wrap a scaffold pole around their heads.
    Local Rivalry…if either of us went out of Buisness there would not be any..and its healthy..if sensible.
    ps..hopefully soon there will be more encounters, over the years it seem hat either you or us have been the top dogs, what would be nice is to be on an equal footing for for decade or so similar to the Sheffield or Anglian boys..but preferably in the top flight..
    ..Oh and can we have Adam the Lama, or what ever his name is i think he is very good

  • That was a pleasantread. Like plymouth graham, I enjoyed you getting relegated, but never ever ever wanted to see you disapear. Now you’re on your way back up, hopefully we will recover before you pass us, and we get a few more derbys – possibly starting next season!

  • (Through gritted teeth) Gotta agree with the sentiments and I pray that Pompey recover as well Saints appear to have – As Ply Gray & Carpet say let’s hope that in the not too distant we can contest a regular derby in the top flight .. The score will always be 4-1 of course !!… Oh can’t go without mentioning the smile on my face to see ‘Play up Pompey’ emblazioned across a Scummers website 😉

  • Thanx boys. Yes we want you to stay afloat. I also am looking forward to having a few more derbies in the near future. Though I am certainly banking on there being a change of winner for a change. We have waited a while. PG I agree wholeheartedly that it would be good to have both teams on an equal footing and at the top.

  • I miss the derby and I don’t like the shamefully accurate mismanagement tag that is applied to Sth coast football by northern wippet mongers. We need stability and two strong clubs in the PL. Oh how I laughed when you dropped out of the PL but then when I read what Lowe was doing to your club caused right minded people to wish you well. I anticipate the return of the derby’s ; and the six points, the season after next.

  • As stella says we in the red half do want you to survive. We can live with the pain of those two defeats as long as we know our rivals are safe. Then we can start preparing for the day we exact a touch of joyful, heart warming revenge over you.

  • Chix it was as a sign of respect and remembrance. No club’s fans should have to go through the mill in such fashion.

  • Echoing the thoughts of my Pompey colleagues and writing from a hotbed of Pompey fans in an SO postcode too. We were not invited to talk to Rob Lloyd but we do met with Admin Andy etc. as on of the largest groups of fans. Off to a meet with them tomorrow night ot find the latest news.

  • Eastneydave I shall be looking to see if you lot can give some good news for a change. Do you think that this possible bid is going to work?

  • Yeah let us know how it goes on eastneydave. Be good to know that we still have our friendly boys in blue to tangle with every now and then.

  • blimey you took a chance didn’t you SFC? So’ton site with a Pompey banner. Jesus I am almost speechless.
    Good thread and it is nice to see some of our friends from the darkside talk well. Good luck with this consortium, lads and lasses of blue.

  • Very much appreciated… Thanks. Hopefully we’ll get over it and maybe one day we fight for a Champions League spot. Arrr, that would be 2050 or something!

  • First get your new owner into position then we can talk about when we will meet again. Might even be next season but we would need a miracle.

  • without a nearest and fiercest rival who can you ‘hate’, we cannot ALL hate manyoo can we 🙂
    seriously, i am not overly fond of scum – not saying this to ‘get a rise’ or anything just to add – but i have never really had that hatred of them that some do, maybe it is because i left pompey at such a young age so did not have to go through the rivalry so much?
    i have to admit that i raised a smile when you went down, and down again – as you WILL have for us – but would NEVER wish genuine ill filling, wishing a club to go bust, on anyone – not even scum!
    just been over on vital boro and seen a comment made by a watford fan, which really upset and surprised me, especially made from someone who’s club has/is in as much trouble as watford have/are…

  • PR I have never really understood why some people hate other clubs so much. I can understand fans wanting a fairer shake of the moneybag but other than that most of my ill feeling goes towards the sad and pathetically inept morons that run our beautiful game. Or not as it appears at the moment.
    As for Pompey, well no I won’t really be cheering when you go down because you remind me too much of what we went through last season. To be fair I am more concerned about how my team plays than how anybody else gets on. I told Tracy once that I will give an insight into why I have a soft spot for the blues. Maybe in the close season I will do that.

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