Date: 25th May 2010 at 1:14pm
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The club has been into administration and come through the other side. It has a new set of directors who have bent of backwards to comply with the Conference rules and regulations.

Salisbury were docked 10 points for going into administration whereby they were given a set of things that they had to comply with.

Being a small club it will have slipped under the radar of most football fans. However I fail to see why this should make it easier fior the club to receive two punishments for the one offence.

Below is the official statement as released by the club when given the news by the Conference.

Club statement (Thursday, May 20, 10am)
The Directors would like to update the supporters on the current status of the club.

Many supporters will be aware of the very difficult situation that the club was in when the new directors became involved. There was a very real threat that an important part of the local community could disappear. Despite the myriad of issues facing the club the new directors managed to keep the club afloat through a period of administration to complete a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement and provide the team with enough resources to finish a very successful season on the field, something that looked very unlikely only a few months ago.

During this period all salaries, payments to suppliers and other liabilities have been met in full. We have upgraded the floodlights system as directed by the FA and Football Conference to meet BSP status, paid all football creditors, and also met our requirements under the CVA and all other footballing responsibilities to the Conference and FA.

In addition the club has been helped in many ways by local businesses with support and donation of funds, together with volunteers and unpaid helpers, the members of the supporters club and everyone who helps make football at this level the fabric of our community. We are particularly proud of the work done in the name of Salisbury City by many unsung volunteers and helpers who have brought all the youth teams much closer to the club and helped re-establish our football in the community programme. The club would like to place on record our appreciation of everyone who has played a part in this important work.

Despite this effort and success at stabilising the club there has been an ongoing issue that the club has been unable to overcome so far. The issue is that of Appendix E in the Football Conference rules, which states that any club which suffers an insolvency event during the course of a season must pay all creditors in full by the second Saturday in May. According to the rules failure to pay all creditors in full would mean that the club would not be eligible for inclusion in the league for the next season and the FA would need to place the club in an alternative league.

The Directors have worked ceaselessly to find a solution that would keep Salisbury City where we deserve to be on merit, which is in the Conference Premier. Part of this solution was to construct a CVA that met the requirements of the Conference for the amended Appendix E which is likely to be adopted at the forthcoming AGM on 12th June. In effect the club will be fully compliant with the new rules in just over 3 weeks time and in those circumstances would be eligible for inclusion in the Blue Square Bet competition.

Over the last month in particular the Directors have worked with the Conference, to find a solution that would bring a satisfactory conclusion to this issue. Unfortunately the club have now concluded that it will not be possible to satisfy their requirements and have accordingly advised the Conference of this.

As a result the Club has now been informed that despite all our achievements and efforts we will not be eligible to play in the Conference in the coming 2010/11 season. Naturally we feel a great sense of injustice that having complied with every request from the Conference, the fans, all the employees, the management and players will be made to suffer.

The Club will now continue to consult with its legal advisors, as to the best way forward.

The new directors will continue to work for the benefit of the club and its supporters and to seek new ways in which Salisbury City can continue to progress commercially and more importantly as a vibrant part of the local community.

Further updates will be made as information becomes available.

The Directors of Salisbury City FC

By Salisbury City FC – Thursday, 20th May 2010

As can be seen by the statement the club has done so much towards meeting the conditions as required by the league.

Whilst it may never be a big wheel in the football world it is now able to pay it’s way. The club endured a transfer embargo but progressed.

The players do not deserve the punishment meted out and an appeal is now under way. I myself hope that some modicum of sense is used and a sensible agreement is reached.

A facebook group has been set up and after a single day has over 550 members. These members are from people who support many different clubs.


If you would like to add your weight to the petition please do. If not thanks for reading.


8 Replies to “Salisbury To Be Relegated Two Divisions”

  • It is so wrong. Justice is not being done at all. The club has done all that it could and still has to be punished again.

  • I can understand the club being punished but why give other clubs the feeling that once in trouble you might as well pay nothing back. The punishment will be the same. Wan##rs.

  • I think it is a very poor way to treat a club that has done a hell of a lot to clear most of it’s debts. Why punish the club so severely when the job is nearly done.

  • To me this stinks of sour grapes by a commitee that don’t like a club surviving a punishment meted out by them. The whole thing sucks.

  • Salisbury are about to be screwed by a rule which the League must feel is wrong or why else are they holding a meeting to revue it.

  • As always it’s another case of a “little” club being screwed over. As far as i can see Salisbury have already taken their punishment and i feel really sorry for Tommy Widdrington and his team and only hope that common sense prevails and their legal team can sort out the mess.

  • Guess we will find out on June 12th. Even if they just change it to a one league drop it would be something. I hope that the fans stand strong and help the club move on. It would be good if they could win the non league cup and get a long run in the FA Cup as well.

  • It would be a darn site more realistic if the club was given some other punishment. Something like this is bad for the game and for the appearance of fair play.

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