Date: 8th June 2010 at 6:22pm
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Twelve months ago we sold a young Andrew Surman to Wolverhampton Wanderers as a means of paying wages.

Drew has now spent a season at Wolves with just three starts in the league and four appearances as a substitute.

Added to that he has played once in the FA Cup and once in the League Cup for the Wolves. To date there has been no goals.

Drew was a reluctant sale as he is a local lad who loves his hometown club. This will obviously lead to different interpretations on what Mick McCarthy has said this week to the Wolves OS.

Mick has admitted that Surman is a good player. He is quoted as saying that he(Surman) doesn’t want to be third or fourth in the pecking order.

He also added that such players who don’t want that might want to move on.

His actual words being, ‘Andrew Surman is a good player, he had a couple of games then didn’t get his chance.’

‘He doesn’t want to be third or fourth choice. If that’s going to be the case they might want to move on.’

‘If they come back and are seen to be fighting for a place then I guess that (them leaving) won’t happen.’

‘If it turns out that some players aren’t fighting for a place then it does happen. It’s natural progression.’

Nothing in there that gives a definite Surman can go as of yet. But there is a big clue as to the fact that Mick is prepared to write him off.

Where does that leave Drew? Does he come home and face the taunts of opponents saying he is a failure? Does he fancy coming home?

Some people would take him back with open arms but whose place would he take?

For me Morgan Schneiderlin is far and away a better player now and he is still improving. Morgan has grown in stature and just needs to control his temper more, which I feel Alan Pardew will be stressing to him.

Adam Lallana also strikes me as being both better in his ball control and stronger now than Drew. He also still has growth and improvement left to come and is quicker than Drew without being quick.

Jason Puncheon is quicker and will score more and make more than Drew. Jason has done well since joining Saints and though I don’t expect a lot of improvement, I can’t see Drew doing much improvement either.

As for our captain Dean Hammond, I see no comparison. Dean makes a lot of bone crunching tackles though he doesn’t always do so fairly. He is stronger than Drew without being a real hardnut but would eat someone like our Drew for breakfast.

So where will Andrew Surman end up? Will he start doing a shuttle service between CCC clubs and gradually slide down to our present level?

I don’t have the answer and though I was sorry when the lad had to go, I don’t see him fitting in here with the players that we now have.

A shame maybe but a simple fact of life. The club has moved on and has come a long way since young Drew left. If he was to return it would be as a squad player and not as a guarenteed first choice player.

As mentioned at the top, this is the silly season and several names will now be quoted as being lined up or chased by the club.

Roll on the next news bulletin from our OS as we learn of new acquisitions in reality.


4 Replies to “Southampton Linked To Surman Return”

  • Would Surman want to move back to a lesser club with mediocre players, his appearences may have been limited but he was playing at premiership level with a far bigger club at every level.
    So why would he want to go back and play with players of less pedigree than he is used to, you may “think” you have better player than him, but they are players 2 leagues below the level that he played.
    Surman needs to go to a top 6 championhip club were he can carry on with his development – not drop back at this stage of his career to a club that is below the level of what he is used to.

  • JW we don’t think his move to you was a good thing at the time for him. If he stays with you he may begin to show some form. Walcott took over a season to make a mark at Arsenal and Bale much the same at Spurs.

    It is quite possible that the lad could become a better player next season as he continues to gain experience. To gain that he needs to be playing and last season 5 starts is not much. Now he has to move up and show the fight needed to make the next step. As for going to a top 6 side, I think you have got to be joshing.
    Why would a top 6 side take a player that cannot get a game for a team that has struggled?

  • Johnwolf you may be right about his playing with better players. but we have seen him grow from a little kid to what he is now. I don’t believe we have a place for him but I still question whether he is better than the two main players he would be fighting for a place with.

  • Frew could do a job for us i think. He won’t come back I expect him to stay at wolves and to prove his worth.

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