Date: 11th August 2010 at 7:08pm
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The death of our new owner will leave many questions on fans lips as they try to come to terms with the sudden loss.

The club in it’s statement has tried to ease our fears by saying that the club will continue as is. The one wish of Markus was to see us return to the Premier League and the five year plan is still in place.

To all Saints fans Markus was our saviour. He rescued us from possible termination and will forever be held in the highest regard by us.

The club has also declared that a book of condolence will be open at the club for all fans and members of the public to sign.

To read the statement from the club,

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13 Replies to “Southampton Mourn Loss Of Markus Liebherr”

  • I’ve realised how much of a fool I’ve been getting engrossed in stupid rivalries. Banter is just that, and to be honest who here actually has any links to the bloody docking strikes? thanks for the comments Lemmi and Pompeypaul. R.I.P Liebherr.

  • His death has brought fans together Paul, and maybe if our clubs fans would finally put the vile hatred to rest (the minority of hooligans), it would be a tribute to people from both clubs who have paid the ultimate price.

  • Puts things into perspective,rivalries and bad feelings are pushed firmly aside,am sorry for the loss of a charismatic man,my condolences to the Lieber family and all saints fans.
    There is no joy whatsoever in writing this comment on vital saints.
    R I P

  • One of the nicest things to remember in this very sad situation is to remember just how much enjoyment Markus got from his last year with the club.
    I’ve never seen a picture of him where he didn’t seem genuinely pleased to be here.
    My condolences to all his family, friends and the club. Football needs more like him at the moment…not just financially but in his example of the warm commitment he showed to the community.

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