Date: 12th June 2010 at 10:26am
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On the OS today is the news that the club has a one day offer to those fortunate enough to have some spare finance.

Those people who have the funds, and are not working, can go to St Mary’s stadium to purchase the new kit.

So if you can get to the ground today you will be able to buy a special edition scarf along with your new kit.

Being a member of the fanbase with limited finances, I find this totally abhorrent to me.

This is a clear sign that the poor are being pushed away from the club as unwanted baggage.

As a fan for over 50 years I am appalled by the blatant way that our club is now being run with a direct prejudice against the poor..

First the wealthier are able to buy their reduced price season tickets. I say reduced because the club has decided that all season tickets will cost more after this month.

The first kick in the teeth for us with low finance.

Now the club will sell these special edition scarves to only those with the finance and capability of getting to the ground today.

So workers and the poor are treated in a different way to those fortunate enough to be able to get to the stadium today.

Strike two as the club shows it’s distain for us who cannot make it to the stadium today.

I do not need to tell anybody how angry and frustrated I feel, do I?


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  • Usual Negative Drivel from this site – The club has made a valid commercial decision regarding ticket prices – resoect that decision!!!! If not the club will go the way it did under Lowe and co.

  • so you are saying that we on here are all negative are you? You poor deluded little fool. Some people have to work and the club says that because of that they are not going to have a chance to get a scarf as it is a one day offer. Some others are trying to get the money for their season tickets together. They are not going to be able to get the scarf today because they are poor. Is that being negative? Yes it is but hopefully if enough fans speak the club could extend the scarf offer.
    Why the hell should my kids go without a scarf because I don’t have the money today? why should only those with readies easily obtained be the only ones to have these things?
    Clive Firth you are so blinkered you can’t see in front of your own nose.

  • I am sorry that you only ever see the negative aspects on this site. Maybe you should pop over more often or better still give us your version of events. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones with the money to do whatever whenever the mood takes you. There are a lot of people that can’t do that though. So colin if you read this take up the challenge and explain yourself. It is easy to call names but not as easy to teach or debate honestly. If you have another point of view air it. Have you not considered that that is what we are looking for?

  • Probably the most pathetic article I have had the misfortune to read. Completely agree with earlier post – this site does contain more than its share of negative drivel. We all afford what we can and make decisions accordingly.

  • So all of the people who are unable to get to the ground today deserve to be left out of the chance to buy the kit and scarf do they? Wise up and get off of your high horses. You may be on the dole or in a job where you can swan of whenever you want but I am not.

  • NOR you are so sad it is unreal. I hope one day you wake up and find yourself with nothing. With your atitude that want be long in coming.
    Then come on here and tell me what it feels like. I work six sometimes seven days a week. My job is important and I haven’t had a chance to go to SMS. If you cannot see my problem then you really are a self satisfied little jerk-off.

  • The issue with the season ticket instalment plan is over. The club will not bring it back. End of.
    As regards the new shirts. The club made it plain months ago that they were bringing out an 125 year anniversary shirt.
    After all it is the same price as last season

  • Nobody is saying anything about the shirt so to speak.
    The main point of the article is the fact that yet again such short notice is given. The scarf information could easily have been given a week ago so more people could have made arrangements to collect one.
    Though the tickets were mentioned it was only as an example of the club not giving information early enough. Having made alternative plans for this weekend with school fetes etcetera I am one of those who would have gone to collect the scarf as well. Is it so hard for people to see that some people who happen to reside a fair distance from Southampton will find it hard to make it to the ground for a specific day when there has been no time to arrange it. Basically all I have said I am standing by. The club does not give enough notice now for such events. Failing that why could we not have been given the chance to buy on the net?

  • It has been known for months that Saints were bringing out a new shirt for the 125th anniversary. So you should have saved up for it

  • You don’t seem to understand what is being said LG7. The article was not against the shirt but against the lack of informaqtion with regard to the special limited edition scarf. That meant a lot of people who work like me were unable to acquire one. I also live away from So’ton and have to work around the football season so that I can have most saturdays off during the season.
    As SFC has asked why could the club not at least do the scarf for longer or on the net? Much fairer all round.

  • Don’t forget that we have a new kit most seasons and none of this fuss this was different because of the scarf. Christ it only costs £7 so finance is not the problem. Lack of information is. but

  • legod7 as ghg has said my article was posted and written in a way to cause an effect. I am on limited funds and wished to have my usual 3 st’s. This season I won’t be able to but next i will be better prepared. My main aim was not to highlight that or the shirt but to highlight the way that our club is now heading away from family aura which most of us have hoped for.
    I understand the need to be prudent and can applaud the moves if the fans are given enough warning. You and the others who posted against this article have your reasons for being OTT but in all fairness why could the club not give advance warning of the moves that they had planned.

  • I have my arrangements made for next season and hope to only miss a couple of midweek games.
    The club can do whatever it wants and we have at the end of the day to lump it or like it.
    If that is how the club is going to be run, the good will will soon evaporate.As PR goes the club needs to change it’s stance.

  • It?s a scarf, who cares if you can get there or not ! It?s a freebee designed to get a few people to the ground and generate some extra sales on launch day, that?s how it works, no big revelation. Do you really think the club would dish out free goods for everyone indefinitely ! That?s life, get a grip it?s a scarf !

  • Hamble get your facts straight before having your go at slating me please. The OS stated quote
    “Saints have also produced a limited special edition 125th Anniversary scarf which will only be available to purchase to those fans visiting the stadium today.”

    Where in that does it say that the scarf was free? Nowhere. So get of your bloody high horse and learn to read. When you have done that maybe you can try reading everything that I wrote. Then maybe you will accept if only grudgingly that the PR from the club is bloody bad.

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