Date: 7th August 2018 at 6:26pm
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On Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed that Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium hosting of Chelsea would move following the announcements of the latest television picks.

The game was originally set for Saturday, October 6 and will now take place 24 hours later on Sunday, October 7 with a 2.13pm kick-off time.

The match has been picked for screening by Sky Sports.

Football fans always moan when fixtures get bounced around for television coverage but unfortunately it’s the game we now live in. This one is slightly different though as Chelsea have a European game scheduled for the previous Thursday, so this clash was always going to be bounced.

The benefit is being bounced and selected for television coverage, we get a healthy cash boost owing to the facility fees in place for live games.

You take the silver lining where you can sometimes in the modern game and that will certainly help, and it wasn’t lost on a few fans as they took to social media to react to the news.

The obvious question that comes from this though is so many games get moved when they always naturally had to be moved, so why isn’t this factored in when fixtures themselves are announced. Fans can’t be expected to keep track of a full fixture calendar including games abroad before they plan their football season in advance and this is one thing that could be easily handled by those in charge.


2 Replies to “Southampton’s Chelsea Clash Was Always Going To Move – Calm Down”

  • Why does football or sky sports to be more exact have to have any sport on Sundays. There aren’t huge numbers of people who work in a sport environment and follow a religious belief or way of life. But, for those who do, like me, I will eventually have to choose I guess. Football will lose out but this affects my finances.

  • How many teams are there in the Premier league? Why do man Utd have to be shown practically every week? C’mon sky. I’m sick and tired of them being shown every week. Be fairer to the other 19 teams in the league. Then more teams will have more money to be able to buy better players and beat manure.

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