Date: 27th July 2007 at 10:26pm
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Great news for Saints fans broke today. Gregory Vignal has signed on loan for a season.

The 26 year old, ex Liverpool player is an ideal replacement for the departing Gareth Bale.

He has to sign some papers in Paris at about 10pm tonight, he is staying in France tonight and will make it back for the Lazio game at St.Marys stadium.

He did ask for the fans not to expect too much from his against the Italian giants as he could be very tired.

This means that Skacel can move into the midfield. It also leaves Makin spare as he could play in any defensive position.

Burley has also pledged to get a centre back in time for the new season.


3 Replies to “Vignal signs for Saints”

  • when i was a kid we got all your old clothes.Ron Davies. Gichrist, Stokes, then a little later we had some better ones buyt most were garbage except Alan Mac…you stole Barry hall
    But now your wearing all our stuff that doesnt fit ..not just that you got money problems and board room struggles…its all changed round..oh and ta for creanie he looks ok in the big league
    Play up Pompey

  • Hahaha…..I never thought Vignal was quite as bad as most people painted him. Useful making runs up the wing, but a really really hopeless defender.
    Going on to Plymouth Grahams point, surely you should make a move for Azar Karadas too….or whatever his bloody name was..shame you missed out on Mbesuma though

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