Date: 1st June 2011 at 10:16pm
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Barnsley are always a hard act but I don’t see them breaking into the top ten.

Blackpool will have a strong following and could be among the favourites if they can keep most of their players.

Burnley will probably have another run at making the play-offs and could go close with old adversary Eddie Howe in charge.

Brighton have already added to their squad and could be a danger to all at home. Their away form will possibly decide their fortunes next season.

Bristol City I just don’t really see as being a major player next season and could be fighting against relegation.

Birmingham will be expected to put up a good showing and if they can keep their main players could be one of the top three or four teams in the league.

Cardiff City are a team that may just have blown their best chance yet again by crumbling in the run-in to gain an wanted reputation of bottlers. A lot could depend on their new manager when he is picked.

Coventry are a team that will be hard to beat and should be capable of making the top ten but I doubt they will succeed in reaching the top six.

Crystal Palace have started buying players and could do better this time around. Maybe a top ten team in the end.

Derby County are a side that seems to blow hot and cold. Both good and bad runs come their way and they will need to improve to be a serious threat to the teams at the top.

Doncaster have struggled and will possibly do so again. I don’t think they have enough clout to make any impact on the top half of the table.

Hull City can play well at times but need to stiffen their defence to have any chance. Possible top ten side if they do well.

Ipswich struggled last season but recovered enough to be considered as a probable mid table team for next season.

Leeds Utd will be a big threat and could again be fighting for a top six place. They have some very good players and a bright young manager who seems to have his side playing for him with great grit and determination.

Leicester have a good squad and will probably add to it during the summer. See them as possible contenders for a top two place and definite top six.

Middlesbrough had a terrible start to their last campaign but the change of manager led to a spirited revival and I can see them as a real contender for a top six place this time around.

Millwall have a good strong side and a manager that lives and breathes the Millwall way. I see another season with them definitely a top ten side.

Nottingham Forest have a good chance of reaching the top ten and maybe top six.

Peterborough scored goals for fun last season in League One but let far too many goals in and this could again be their downfall. They will need to keep as many of their players as is possible to have any chance of reaching the top six but see them in the middle of the table.

portsmouth are in a dodgy position with barely enough players to make a starting eleven. A lot will depend on how many quality players they are able to bring in. New owners could make them a viable proposition. Mid table but could spring a surprise.

Reading had a great run-in and came close to making it through the play-offs. They will again be a tough act to beat and I can see them again being a top ten and possibly top six side.

Watford are known for being a big strong side and will have their moments. They will need to be more consistent and I see them as being a possible top ten candidate.

West Ham have just gained a manager with a very good reputation and a lot will depend on which players they can keep of their stars. Definite rivals with a chance of making it back to the Premiership.

As for Saints, well I will be happy with a solid showing. Top ten hopefully and top six would be especially good for us.

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4 Replies to “Who Are Southampton’s Biggest Threat Next Season?”

  • Our biggest barrier to a good season could be us. We will need three or four top signings to make us a bit stronger.

  • Can see Hammers doing well and Birmingham if they find a good goal scorer. Leicester will be a danger as well I think.

  • Can see Hammers doing well and Birmingham if they find a good goal scorer. Leicester will be a danger as well I think.

  • There are more clubs that can spend so we will not get as many players as cheaply if more than us is chasing them. Be interested to see who buys who and for how much.

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