Date: 9th May 2010 at 11:10am
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Several of this weekends newspapers have suggested that Alan will be gone this coming week.

To make matters worse the rumour gained more credence when the football programme was pulled at the lasst moment.

It is reportedly showing an article which tells of his imminent dismissal. How true we have yet to find out.

What we as fans should do is decide whether we really want to keep going down this route or not. A different manager every five minutes is not condusive to good team morale or performances.

How many things has he done right and where has he shown a weakness? Will the huge improvement shown overall be enough to save his bacon?

There have been stories of unrest and disaproval at the highest level and that could mean curtains for our manager.

Overall he has not done too bad a job. The majority of the players brought in have been a resounding success. The two main doubts would be Murty and Otsemobor.

Murty has the ability but not the fitness to do the job. Semi has talent but too often seems to get caught in a world of his own.

If he is signed it would be a huge gamble in my eyes unless a special clause was put into the contract that he signs. Something along the lines of a low wage but it could be doubled with bonuses.

Lambert has proved to be the star buy of the season. He has scored more goals this season than he has ever managed before in his professional career.

Harding has been immense at left back and for a free signing has shown remarkable fortitude when under the cosh. No really bad games for Dan but several top drawer ones.

Jose Fonte has shown elements of pure class but I still have a lingering doubt about the way he fouls attackers when trying to keep them from shooting etcetera. He does use his hands too much for my liking.

Jaidi has been another great signing for the team. Though past his best he has also given our defence a big lift just by being their.

Hammond our captain has shown the ability to work. Sadly he is also another that can be made to look poor by his willingness to get forward without thought of what he is leaving behind.

Puncheon came to us with a big reputation after the way he played at MK Dons. Against us he was excellent. He has been a revelation in most of his matches though he can disappear at times.

Lee Barnard is presumably going to be the foil for our Rickie. We have seen that he is not up to leading the line but can score when he has a certain type of player alongside him.

Seaborne was a surprise signing and one that like Semi worries me a lot with his positional play. He can get caught out and at times has been bullied a bit by some of the bigger forwards that he has met.

Aaron Martin came after being recommended from Eastleigh. He had a trial and earned a contract. Then he went on loan to Salisbury for whom he played 14 games.He earned rave reports their and came back to us where he played the last two games. Looks very promising and assured.

Papa Waigo came on loan to us from Italy has been a mixed bag. Great at times and also so frustrating at others. He does not like the off-side laws at all.

Antonio is another youngster that has done well considering his lack of experience. He is one loanie that I hope we can keep.

David Connolly has been another strange one. When he first started for us he scored a few good goals. He has class but has also been found wanting for fitness.

So as far as I am concerned AP has done well overall with his purchases/acquisitions. The only setback to his survival could be the loss of points caused in the main by negativity.

There have been times when we have been crying out for an extra striker or frontman as we have looked toothless. We have improved but the problem has been there for all to see.

Some fans who have been to most away games have expressed their disappointment from dropped points when they looked as though it should have been there for the taking.

Most have asked for us to have a player in midfield that can lift the team and drive it forward. Hammond is not that player. His limitations have been exposed and I don’t feel he has what we need.

Alan Pardew has improved the squad enormously. A few players were expensive for this league but most were cheap or free signings. We have also seen a trio of loanies that did well for us.

My verdict is that he should be given the chance to strengthen still further and take us up to the next level.


12 Replies to “Will Pardew Still Be At Saints In August”

  • Think everyone should stick with Pardew – good manager, good reputation in the game. End of!

  • Bit puzzled why he should go…. whose has he upset then. If results are to go by its even more puzzling.

  • In December we were less than 10 points behind the play-off places. Since then we have brought in more players and statistically we have gone backwards. Or at worst gained no more. We have now got the dearest squad in the league and some people have now said we are no longer progressing.

    Myself, I believe we have had a magnificent season. We have brought in a new team of players and seen them bed in. We have won our day at Wembley and gained a belief that we are back on track at last.

    I myself think he should stay and take us back to the top.

  • We have seen several moaners out already as we see the season end. Other Saints sites have for a few months been discussing the prospects with Alan Pardew as our leader. I guess there will always be someone somewhere that has to be negative.

  • I think he will still be here next season. He has put the Saints back on an even keel and for that deserves a chance to finish the job.

  • When it was Saints vs Southend , they didnt release the Match day programmes because apparently pardew said something about Nicole Cortase :s Thats what i heard.

  • I would love to see this programme to see what all of the fuss is about. Mind you Nicola has a reputation for being stern and unapproachable. He has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, it has been said. But considering the way we have been saved and improved in one year I still say that the two men should learn to be more tolerant. We have a winning mentality growing and that is something that we have not been able to say for a while..

  • I have moaned at times about AP but now feel that he should have the chance to take us to the next stage of the plan.

  • Good news is that at last Nicola has come out and declared his intent to continue as we are with AP at the helm with the first team.

  • At least we now know that AP will still be here for the start of next season. Good news.

  • Say it way I can it still sounds good. Now we need to learn who is staying and wfrom the team.ho is going

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