Date: 16th April 2007 at 3:02pm
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Saints striker David McGoldrick is staying at league one struggler’s Bournemouth for the rest of the season.

Without McGoldrick’s goals, Bournemouth would probably have been relegated this season, not that their fans will thank us for bailing them out again.

Meanwhile Craig Richards and Sean Rudd from the Southampton youth system have joined Conference side Oxford United on trial.


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  • You scummers really are so up yourselves. “not that their fans will thank us for bailing them out again.” – How old are you – 4??? That is such a pathetic, childish and very sad comment. Like your 3p in the buckets way back when actually bailed us out – muppet. How about thanking us for turning your players into good ones who can score lots of goals by OUR coaches developing them???? No? Thought not…

  • I quite like Bournemouth, all our players who go there on loan seem to come back better, well they did before Bond moved in.

  • bmb, you cant come on here, call us scummers and then slate us for being up ourselves! Saints have done a lot for Bournemouth over the years and yet some of you still act like wannabe Pompey fans and call us scummers, thats what I call pathetic and childish.

  • Just because one idiot Bournemouth fan comes on here doesn’t mean they are all like it, he probably just hasn’t hit puberty yet. I’m sure there are some nice Bournemouth fans out there who can see the links between us and them work well for both sides.

  • CF Saints – I responded to pathetic childish comments with pathetic childish comments knowing full well they would be understood by the muppet who made the comment in the 1st place. Didn’t want to get too adult and intellectual for him! Giddyred you are spot on, your players do come back better players mostly down to gaining valuable 1st team experience albeit at a lower level so comments such as “not that their fans will thank us for bailing them out again.” are pathetic. I am one of the few who come on here regularly from Bournemouth and make nice comments, I don’t have a prob with saints or pompey myself. Both clubs have helped us out with loan players over the years (although Pompey tend to pay their players wages or at least part of them while they are loan to us while you don’t we have to pay the wages). Pompey fans don’t bother with the “we’ve saved the little club again” attitude that too many of your fans have. The arrangements do normally work well for both teams and long may it continue but without the needless continual harping on about how you have saved us sooooooo many times before cos truth is – you have never saved us…

  • And DJ you have known me long enough to know I may be female but I am no lady!!!! Oh yeah and I am looking forward to Saints end of season do which I have tickets for!!

  • OK bmb message coming through loud and clear, we didnt save your little club 😉 only joshing! I like the set up we have with Bournemouth, although it doesn’t appear to be as good now Bond is with you. How is he didnt he lose his first 10 games or something?

  • He didn’t have the best of starts to put it mildly Giddyred but I think he has done enough to keep us up and earn himself a new contract. Whether that is a good thing or not we’ll see this time next season!! Young McGoldrick is really just getting better and better each game & I think he will make the step up with no probs, although I think a nice season long loan with us next year would be much better for the boy 😉

  • You’re probably right Archer. It does mean though it does help us financially as well as from a footie point of view and lets face it one thing we can all agree on is that we are in the deep brown runny stuff financially and without a serious finacial backer will remain that way for many years to come!!

  • I take it you have been playing McGoldrick upfront with that Big Fletcher guy, does he link up well with a target man?

  • Sorry bmb, it was suppose to be a little bit tongue in cheek! Feel free to join us on the message forum for a chat any time.

  • No worries VS I’ll put my handbag away now then 😉 CF Saints we are playing him up front with Fletch yes and they are working very well together with Hayter playing just behind the pair of them. To be fair a lot of his goals are down to Anderton who keeps picking him out with some nice balls from the midfield. I think Anderton appreciates the fact that McGoldrick has a good footballing brain and anticipates where to be at the right time. I’d like to see him and Leon Best up front together with a decent midfield behind them and I think you would seriously have a pair of goal machines then. They are both good young players who are improving every match. 😀

  • Think Best will be leaving next season, certainly can’t see him signing a new deal with us just to join you on loan.

  • I know he turned down the 1st contract offered but the last I heard he had been offered a new improved deal so I guess time will tell. He lives in Bournemouth so we would be ideal for him but I don’t think we could afford any signing on fee sadly 🙁

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