Date: 1st August 2007 at 10:00am
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Poll results suggest people want to see Jones and Saganowski head up the attack for the coming season.

92% of people want to see new signing Marek Saganowski start upfront.

At the start of last season it was often Rasiak being paired up with Wright-Phillips. That partnership didn’t get any votes

Saganowski & Jones (58%)
Saganowski & Rasiak (30%)
Rasiak & Jones (4%)
Saganowski & Wright-Phillips (3%)
Other (2%)
Saganowski & McGoldrick (1%)
Rasiak & McGoldrick (1%)
Jones & Wright-Phillips (1%)
Jones & McGoldrick (0%)
Wright-Phillips & McGoldrick (0%)
Rasiak & Wright-Phillips (0%)

The new poll is asking saints who they would rather see in goal.

The options are Bialkowski, Davis and Poke. It seems George Burley in undecided whether to play Davis or Bialkowski, while Poke is looking for a look-in.


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