Date: 23rd April 2009 at 9:14pm
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Southampton Football Club have been relegated to League 1 following the Football League’s decision to deduct the club 10 points.

Southampton’s parent company entered administration at the end of April, and the question of a points penalty was disputed.

Administrators from Begbies Traynor were appointed and believed that the club could avoid the points deduction as the parent club, Southampton Leisure Holdings was a separate organisation to the football club.

Despite this belief, the Football League today has issued Southampton with a ten point penalty.

The rules state that if the Saints do beat the drop they will be deducted the ten points this season; and if they remain in the bottom three, they will start next season on -10.

Either way relegation to League 1 is inevitable.

However, joint administrator Mark Fry believes that the club has been harshly dealt with:

The football club was not even aware that the investigation had been concluded,’ he told the BBC.

‘We remain very firmly of the view that the rules do not apply, and that the Football League has stretched the rules to meet the circumstances. The football club is not in administration.

‘The Football League is a members’ organisation, and with any such body of that nature, you run the risk that if there is any grey area, they can interpret the rules as they see fit.

‘I think they’ve interpreted the rules to suit the conclusion they wanted to reach.

Former Southampton chairman and life-long supporter Leon Crouch has stated that his is willing to fight the case:

‘It is expected that an appeal will be launched.’


18 Replies to “Southampton relegated with 10 point deduction”

  • Yeah you were really puttin up a respectable fight, its a terrible way to go down. Maybe league 1 will be a good chance to rebuild the club. We might still be joining you yet mate!

  • its shocking tbh, im no saints fan but its harsh what has happened to them. i wish them all the best in the following years and hope that they get back into the premier league in the next few years.

  • Aw no what a kick in the teeth for you lads and lasses, I’m so sorry to hear this. Hang on in there and come back soon Saints.

  • Not sure whose fooling who here. The ‘Holding Compmany’ ran the club financially, they go under you pay the penalty. You fight it & the FA will increase the penalty.

  • Agreed. Didn’t everyone expect this? The loophole has closed around your toilet area and you’re going down. Advice: try to find someone who can a) afford, b) manage, c) run, a football club next time. Rupert Lowe is such a tw@. Now naff off.

  • I’d rather take the ten points now so that we have a fresh start in league 1. There is no point contesting it.

  • think you’re right abesaint, take the 10 points now. League 1 is a difficult leauge to get out of but with a clean slate its possible. Leicester have proved that. If you start on a minus you could be in trouble. I feel for all the saints fans – the clubs finances are out of your control but you guys and the team are the ones who suffer the hardship! Keep giving them your support as you’ve always done. I know every footy fan wants success but you can be proud of your club whatever league you’re in!

  • Why is it a ‘kick in the teeth’ Your club screwed up .. Stand up and accept it .. oh sorry I’m on a Saints message board .. roll over a die.. POOR OLD SCUMMERS … WE ARE BEING PICKED ON… personally 17 miles down the road I’m having a party …

  • It’s a double whammy damned if you survive damned if you don’t! Surely not legal! Fight it all the way….!

  • It’s a big gamble to contest the decision though. Wouldn’t want to be on -20 or 25 next season. I say just take the 10 points and battle through. I’m sure the fans will stay with us. This really could be the re-build of the club. Lowe has gone, and if we get this illusive buyer, we could be back with a vengeance!

  • I really think the 10 point penalty was unfair in your case and should be reviewed, but the FA are not known to be fair.

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