Date: 26th March 2006 at 12:22pm
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If the alarm bells weren’t ringing before yesterday’s trip to Sheffield, they certainly are now.

With Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday both fighting for their survival and pulling off impressive wins, Saints are now just six point from the drop zone and have been beaten far too easily in our last two games.

Going into this game it appeared the pressure would be on The Blades after their promotion bid has faltered recently with a terrible run of form, they’ve picked up just a single point in their last four games.

After this alarming performance the pressure is definitely on George Burley’s team. Another meek display saw them concede three goals for the second game running; this time with no reply.

United took the lead shortly before half time when Jagielka turned in Armstrong’s cross. Worryingly Saints didn’t respond positively to going behind. Instead three minutes later, on the stroke of half time, Paul Ifill doubled the home sides lead.

In the second half Saints failed to show the fight they’ll require to survive. Former Saint Neil Shipperley sealed victory on 77 minutes.

George Burley’s team need to take their eye off next season now and concentrate on rolling their sleeves up to ensure the suffering fans don’t have to endure the ultimate nightmare scenario, back-to-back relegations.

In recent months the team started to play good passing football, particularly in the games against Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday and Preston. Burley’s plan for Saints is an exciting one, we all want to finally see a Saints team playing attractive, free flowing, football next season. For now we need to shelve those plans until the summer and start fighting for our lives to stay up.


13 Replies to “Saints In Relegation Fight”

  • we definately are in a relegation fight now, its torture being a saints fan, nothings ever easy even after relegation!

  • Not a Saints fan, but I can not believe what has happened to you. After so long in the premiership (and old first div) and now fighting for your survival in the championship. I know if this was my club I would be asking serious questions how this can happen. I suggest you look right to the top!!!

  • i think we’ve all looked right to the top. Its horrible but these things happen. We have to stay up and regroup and come back and prove we still have what it takes to get back where we should be. Its happened before to other big sides like Newcastle, Man City etc and they bounced back so we have to do the same.

  • There is still a fair way to go, but I think Man. City left this division on 52 points, usually though high forties is enough. I can’t really see you going down, Crewe and Brighton yes, then either Millwall or Wednesday. You will have some nervous moments though before the curtain comes down on the Fat Lady.

  • dunno were not panicking like when we been in a premiership relegation fight..i cant see millall being that close to us that its a really crucial game.

  • with the ponit @ burnley and cardiff this weekend we have got to start gettin all 3 ponits cant do with 2 relegation in 1 sesson
    george burley has 2 do something or SACK RUPERT LOWE

  • there are far worse teams than you in this div.
    its crazy days at the minute but you need to win one or two more yet to be safe.

  • well we got them and apparently ‘were goin win promotion next season’lol hey look a pig flyi8ng u dont see that regulaly

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